US Abandon Kurds to Turkey, Syria and Russia Make Deal with Kurds as Turkey Invades

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The Kurds have long been used by the US as a proxy force in their push for regime change in Syria. But the US has faced a roadblock early on since Russia allied with Syria in the effort to stop the so-called "rebels" that were backed by the US, which included ISIS and Al Qaeda.


Now the US has left the Kurds to their own fate as Turkey invades Eastern Syria, which is where the Kurds are mostly located. Turkey seems to be taking up the mantle of attacking Syria, but Russia remains a sturdy wall to prevent Syria from falling.

In the face of the threat from Turkey, as attacks from Turkey began, the Kurds have struck a deal with Syria and Russia. It turns out a common enemy in Turkey, and a will to survive, is a powerful motivator to stop petty political fighting and bloodshed in order to face a more serious threat from the outside.

The Kurds and the Syrian and Russian government will now work together to repel Turkeys invasion into Syria. A recent attack from Turkey led to 750 ISIS inmates escaping a detention center. The Syrian government and allies have done more to stop terrorism in the region, while the US and allies have armed and aided them.

The US gave the green light to Turkey, not by official means, but by withdrawing troops from the northern region.

If you look at the names of the invader campaigns by Western allied nations, such as the US itself and Israel, it's laughable and Orwellian the words they include. "Freedom" and "peace" are used when invaders go to war. They play mind games with the masses, hoping many are so gullible as to accept the phrases as truthful.

In the case of Turkey, their operation to invade and attack Syria has the "peace" keyword: Operation Peace Spring. For the Kurds, the choice was to compromise on their agenda in Syria by allying with their Syrian foes, or face possible extinction from Turkey. Mazloum Abdi, the SDF's commander-in-chief, said:

"... if we have to choose between compromises and the genocide of our people, we will surely choose life for our people."

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US abandons the Kurd to Turkey or US abandons Turkey to the Kurds, either way, Turkey gets a bloody nose and the US loses all its interests in the region and comes out looking like they've screwed up.

Russia has a legitimate chance to dish out a little revenge on Turkey and Syria gets retakes control of more of its land. The US didn't think this through very well in my opinion.

You don't mess with the Kurds!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

How did the US screw up? We voted for Trump to get us out of the middle east. It's a win imo, at least for us in America. Hopefully Russia wipes Turkey off the map. That country is a dump and deserves everything it gets. They have no business in the UN or NATO either.

Let the middle east rot. Americans don't give a damn about it besides the typical warhawk politicians that want to stick their noses in everything.

You are happy to be in the middle east though when selling arms or buying oil.

That country is a dump

You've been there have you? Have you ever been anywhere?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

No, I never wanted to be in the middle east period. And sure. Sell them all the guns they want. Capitalism baby. But leave US lives out of it. If they want to kill eachother, let them. Not my problem. We shouldnt have our arms and military spread out all over the world either. I'm tired of it. Been going on my entire life. At our expense too when none of these people are a threat to us. No one will invade the mainland US. The US govt and military is ridiculous.

You've been there have you? Have you ever been anywhere?

Yes, several places in Europe and Asia. Not so much the Turkish people as the Turkish government. But, they've been holding a gun to Europe's head for how long now? I wouldn't be the least bit upset if Erdogan disappeared. removed your original reply and then added this reply next day ....

Go back to your Fox News and begging for Crypto, little boy

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

What? I didn't remove anything. You can't remove a reply. xD

Great argument. You're really smart. You got me. Didn't know I beg for anything. 🤣

How many times does CNN or whoever you listen to have to get caught lying before you pull your head out of your ass? Btw, I don't watch fox news or cable TV period.

Someone has some anger issues lol. Get well soon man.

Hopefully Russia will wipe Turkey off the map.

Yay for moar war!

The John Wayne model of foreign diplomacy. Sigh.

You're never going to stop it. Especially where they've been fighting for 100s of years now.

But, at least the US isn't in it for once.

  1. Hoping for the end to war and, 2. advocating the destruction of a nation are two wholly different things.

Now this latest response shows a callous indifference to death. Which is, I guess, an improvement?

Something bigger is going on, but i do not remember names well enough to put this part of the chess game together.

i do not feel The US was ever allied with the Kurds. They were just useful idiots to some goal.

The best solution to peace is to give everyone a gun and 50 rounds of ammo.

God made man, Colt made them equal.

The next best solution is to remove all our troops from all over the world... but, most of that is really to maintain shipping. So...

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Where do you get the idea that 750 ISIS fighters escaped detention? Link? No way would the Kurds want that to happen, they've been getting slaughtered by those head choppers for years.

Also, what makes you think that Turkey isn't in working with Russia and Syria? Seems to me that Erdogan is playing a part prescribed.