'No More Unemployment', 'Jobs for Everyone' Promises from Leading Democrats, Funded by Taxes

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Can jobs be guaranteed? Some people think so, especially in the democratic party. Many are focused on socialist dreamy "ideals" that involve ignoring principles of non-aggression, like wanting more taxes (confiscation of wealth through coercion) to be paid to support their lofty dreams.

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The idea is a new "New Deal" fashioned after President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal program of the 1930s to initiate government funded work projects. They want to revive this concept, so that the government will hire every American who wants a job, paid at $15/hour including health care benefits.

This idea or reviving the New Deal was also covered int he Netflix TV show "House of Cards", where the sociopathic/psychopathic President Frank Underwood tried to win his re-election based on this same type of scheme. It ended up failing in the show.

The estimated cost of this new effort at federally employing Americans would cost about $543 billion each year. How to pay for people who can't get jobs in a failing economy, or are too lazy to be good workers and keep a real job? Tax the working people who already have jobs that are sustainable according to the cause and effects of economics and the free market.

Of course none of the realities of how jobs are based on demand and economics matter to many people who just like the ideal dream of everyone being able to work and survive. Apparently 52% of voters polled are in favor oft his plan, with 29% against it. Who will win in that democratic outcome of the majority deciding?

It doesn't matter how it's being done, the ends justify the means. Forget about the coercive taxation and theft to pay for other people to work, regardless of their skill or productivity to merit holding a job. Some people deserve a chance to prove their abilities, for sure, but many people will just profit from a federally funded socialist work program that subsidizes lazy workers. You can't guarantee a job for everyone, it's not realistic. It's built on a house of cards, a fantasy.

Real businesses that aren't subsidized and have to play by the laws of the free market and economic supply and demand won't be so fortunate as to have a guaranteed job and pay. Real businesses will have to compete with federally tax-funded jobs that offer salary and benefits that are guaranteed and funded by taxes of others. Those same businesses that have to work to survive will also be supporting the cheat of federally subsidized work forces that directly compete with their own business survival.

How can you ensure 25 million people will have something to do anyways? Create new jobs for the skillset of each person? Some basic jobs could be filled in, but many jobs require actual knowledge and skills to be applied to accomplish, which people don't have. Paying people to do useless jobs might be the norm, just so they have a job and salary. Meanwhile little is actually being added to society except an economic drain on the actual workers that are being taxed to pay for jobs that don't need to be done, jobs that only exist because money is being taken from people to pay for them.

Some will view it as a good replacement for handouts to the unemployed, instead making people work for a living. This plan is good for politics and gaining voter support, but it's a half-baked bad plan and policy to engage in. Not that it matters though, as the hope and dream sells with people buying into it. The Democrats are selling some potent shit for the masses to smoke up.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Expanding government intervention on giving jobs to everyone using the money of others, could lead to economic measures that could harm the productive and private sector. My country (Venezuela) is a vivid example of that.

Since 1976, the oil industry was nationalized, with its main entreprise, PDVSA, being the main state owned corporation. Oil production rates fell to less than half in 13 years. Then, the goverment lessened the intervention in corporate/operational decisions, and in just 10 years, in 1998 PDVSA was between the best oil companies of the planet.

Then, Hugo Chavez rose in power.

In 2002, any worker who joined the oil strike because of bad corporate decisions, and the inclusion of military on the corporate ranks, were fired, my dad being one of them, half of the workforce (20,000 employees fired). Then, the government used the oil profits by its discretion funding all government programs it could, compromising operations, hiring people who practically did not add anything to the main purpose of the corporation. Their main workforce rose from 40,000 in 2002, to 120,000.

And the oil production stayed the same.

10 years after that, oil prices fell sharply. And we were broke, as we spent money on government programs marred in corruption, Contractor mafias due to the military involment in corporate ranks, and operational deficiencies. And again, oil production fell to less than half.

Now people wages are not enough even to pay transportation to go to work.

Same could happen to any country using taxation for the same purpose.


Governments (especially socialists): experts in how to make things useless appear useful :P

Some great points you make in this post and I share lot of your sentiments and believe in a free market economy even though ironically I’m named after one of the biggest Marxist’s in history lol

Anyway as I was saying creating artificial jobs through taxation and federal policy only serve to create people only there for the paycheque and not otherwise motivated as we see in the private sector people wanting to build a career, create new business and push innovation

Having the government become your biggest employer by far is not ideal for any country and only serves to centralize wealth and power!

Rather than create artificial demand for jobs in government mandated sectors let the free market decide which skills are valuable and which are not!

Politicians love to sell their idealistic philosophies without practical knowledge of the implications. As a kid who dreams like this you’re told to grow up and deal with the real world but when you’re a politician we let it slide, talk about a double standard! Toddlers everywhere should be pissed


Yup, free market is good, but based on people's wants to supply them with what they want. The downside is that something could be truly revolutionary, but too far ahead of its time and die out because people aren't at that point ready for it. It has happened many times. It's too bad that people who are ahead of the curve can't be sustained by market demand and the free market has them fail :/


Oh for sure market timing is very important you don’t have to look far we can just look at MySpace and Friendster and then look at facebook! Unfortunately the free market is ruthless but just because a company goes belly up doesn’t mean it’s bad for the market on the whole!

New ideas are placed into the market, tested, reviews and refined while it may not be by the same company it’s still driving innovation which is ultimately what’s going to give us more benefits in the long run!

Blockchain will truly become mainsteam when we show the world that we can create much better jobs than any centralized entity. Decentralized jobs will pay people based on their worth. There is no favoritism or tilted corporate ladder to climb.

It is hard to see now because we are such early adopters, but once there are thousands of services like Steem one can pick and choose when and where to work. This "competition" will create ultimate free-market capitalism, putting the people back in charge of their own fates.

I strive to brainstorm about these things and bring them into reality. I have ideas, but talk is cheap and results are expensive and time consuming. Patience is required.


How would the decentralized aspect reward people based on their worth? Can you explain that? Thanks.


I tried to respond to this question but it turned into a wall of text, so I wrote a full post on it:

This is an interesting idea and surprisingly we have something like this in Australia called work for the dole. It's not exactly the same though, but it's a program aimed at those already collecting government benefits who can work and to get them into the workforce.

You don't get paid the king of hourly rate you're talking about, it's basically a program that you have to participate in if you already collect government benefits and if you want to keep them, you have to do it. The idea is that participants are given training and new skills to go out and get a job.

Creating government jobs seems rather unrealistically expensive, such a scheme would never be passed. It would be cheaper to create government supported training programs.


That's interesting, thanks for the feedback of relevant info ;)

  ·  last year (edited)

The easiest way to pop the bubble is to get everyone who works now to stop working and go for the gravy train. Which is what a lot of people will do. Why work hard if you don't have too. Of course everything would grind to a halt and maybe that is what needs to happen anyway.


Hmm... that's one way to implode things... it would expose how flawed it is indeed, not sure its the best route though ehehe


I am not sure either, but lots of times choices create consequences we cannot get out of. Is why objectivity is merely our imagination. We are subjected to natural law whether we will or no.

Trump is doing GREAT job. 3.9% unemployment rate. I've seen it in his IG account.

You seem to know about everything. Sir you're a wealth of knowledge, the government policy does not really care about business owners. Some are heavily taxed. Though some individuals could just be impossible. The problem of unemployment is just so massive in my country Nigeria the number of youth that graduates out of higher institutions are some much but only like 10% get job.

Of course you are very good, thank you for telling about Rajini

Shovel ready jobs!!! As obama once said ;)