New Study Proves WTC7 Was Taken Down, Not Burned Down by Fire

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A hard hitting study has come out to smash the ignorance and denials of many who refused to acknowledge the fact that fire could not have caused WTC7 to burn and collapse into it's own footprint in 7 seconds.


The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) partnered with the serious researchers at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to put a nail in the coffin of the "official" story about 9/11, at least with respect to WTC7.

A report has been released of the four-year computer modeling study that proves fire could not have possibly caused the building to collapse. Rather, it was due to a "near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building". i.e. it was controlled demolition, which was obvious to anyone with a free thinking mind to conclude when watching the video.

Plus, there was zionist owner Larry Silverstein who blundered the words "pulled it" when talking about the building's destruction. This is a key term used in controlled demolition. In addition, the BBC reported the collapse of the building some 20 minutes before it happened, while it was still standing in the camera shot background of the reporter. They failed to pull their scripted deception of the it's demolition off.

A proper analysis of the building was never possible, because the conspiracy involved destroying evidence of the traumatic event. New York City officials were quick to ship out or destroy the remains of 9/11. This is a red flag for anyone who looks closer at the events on 9/11 and afterwards. The only reason to get rid of it and not allow investigations to be done with real evidence, is to cover up what really happened.

9/11 was a criminal conspiracy carried out with authorization of owners like Silverstein, likely Israeli operatives as has been documented, and members of the U.S. government. Will justice ever be served to these heinous villains? Not likely, as the "noble lie" white-wash coverup is a modus operandi that pervades the political spectrum.

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"serious researchers at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth"

A serious researcher will look at the evidences and find an explanation that matches the observed evidence.

Starting at 1:58:24 it's really simple to understand that AE911 isn't a movement for the Truth but for covering it!


Good to see someone post about Dr. Judy Wood and her game-changing investigation into 9/11!

My pleasure, mate!

I find it unbelievable how many people prefer to believe any sort of authority rather than looking at things as they are and thinking with their own heads... isn't it?

Screenshot from 20190907 222054.png

Yuuup. But 9/11 is just a monumental example of every aspect of reality; from going along with what "experts" or "studies" or "politicians" or "professers" or "religious leaders" or even parents say to even killing people in the name of "war"... All this are merely a symptom of not taking conscious ownership of one's thoughts, words, and actions. Thus making the truth of 9/11 widespread requires that we upgrade also every aspect of our individual lives.

Common sense told anyone who saw the video footage it was taken down.... Good to see people still on top of this going through proper channels with studies to expose the truth!

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Yes, the video itself speaks volumes once you go look at any other fire in the world and what happens vs. controlled demolition...

Am still waiting for a certain mr. Trump his name is I believe, who before being elected said that if he would be elected president, he would reveal the truth about 911.
(have been searching for videos on youtube in which he spoke the words, be they're all gone: banned and or deleted), I just wonder why???

never said it, which shows you should search for direct sources of quotes before you start believing information is true. though of course nowadays we have deepfakes, so..

@wakeupworldnews - spot on with the clue's in the videos right in front of your eyes, and it's great that people are trying to expose the truth, but along with the narrative, the focus should be:

'well if muslim nutjobs didn't fly planes into towers then we don't need all of this damn intrusive security and surveillance everywhere do we?'

ps - all these mass shootings - has anyone actually seen any dead bodies, serious damage, or 'bloodbath' ? what they tell you is not what they show you - apologies if i'm teaching the truly awake to suck eggs. peace :-)

Hear! Hear!

I get your point, don't worry.
But I've seen and heard what he said back then on live television, so it is without any doubt he has said he would reveal the truth about 911, IF being elected.
Right after that there were also videos on youtube of that part that has been on live tv. Back then I even posted one of those videos on my facebookaccount. And I was talking about those videos that are all banned and deleted.
If I now go back on Facebook and look back, the video I posted is not there anymore. Just a message saying: 'video not available'.

oh yes, tons of great videos have been removed from youtube - the first nuke truth video is gone, showing the hoax of nuclear weapons in about 8 minutes,

however, if djt said he would reveal 9-11 there would be an archive of it. he went on alex jones, he said a whole load of other great-sounding stuff, but not that, and of course, turned out to be just another war-surveillance-debt puppet of the bankers.

this is all old news and its still surprising how many people think the terrorists did it lol
terrorists did do this but they were our govt and banking industry along with the talmudist zionists
this kind of stuff cant be repeated enough since there is way to many dumb people that believe the official story

The terrorists did 9/11. Everyone knows that. What most refuse to accept is that those terrorists are the CIA, the MI5, the Israeli Mossad, the Saudi Arabians and the Qataris.

Your obsession with @berniesanders is pathetic. Get a life.

Imagine that we all knew it was a controlled demolition let the government refuses to tell the truth. Thanks @krnel will resteem

You just look at it, a buidling doesn't free fall because of structural weakness in a few outside places from some debris of another building. Buildings aren't made flimsy like that.

The government refuses to tell the truth because if Americans knew the truth, Israel would disappear overnight.

True story.

I was attending NYIT and BMCC at the time. Not too far from WTC.

Not only was I relatively there, I got a job at Embassy Suites Hotel a few months later and watched as tower 7 was the first to be rebuilt— long before plans were competed for the new WTC.

Tower 7 was no accident, I have (old) eye witness accounts of my own. There’s a lot more to that building than most know. All conspiracies aside, that was clearly a demolition.


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You're true story cites no evidence. Just because a collapse looks similar to how a demolition looks doesn't make it a demolition.

  ·  19 days ago (edited)

I call bs on this theory...

Haha. I loved this conspiracy when i was a kid. Sometimes i still watch these things just to feel that fuzzy feeling of mystery and drama.

Most of it is nonsense though. Fun... But nonsense. Its not fires that did in the building. Its a multitude of factors.
But its a fun video nonetheless.

'a buidling doesn't free fall because of structural weakness in a few outside places from some debris of another building. Buildings aren't made flimsy like that.'

you have to have the nous of a small child to believe the official story, or anything the government/ media tell you.

this is a building being demolished, and because of it your world has become a surveillance police war state:


It's incredible how 3 buildings fall in a perfect vertical free fall, on the same day. And these brainwashed idiots keep believing the official bulshit story. It's like their brains are made of mashed potatoes.

normally the smarter someone is the easier they are to fool, because they have trusted authority all of their lives, and generally have more of a stake in society - the conequences of their whole career's being a sham is too much for most people to contemplate.

normally every one has the same reaction when you tell them they're not on a spinning ball flying through outer space, just like their own senses tell them they're not.
simple brainwashing.

It did fall because of significant structural damage and fires. You can even see on the video that the left side collapses before the right side.
Building 7 conspiracy has been debunked so many times. But have your fun guys. :)

no wonder you are so myopic you are completely lost inside this blockchain.

'like a thief in the night.'

It's a weakness in the under-40 crowd...not sure if it's estrogen, vaccines, or what. Their brains are formed be susceptible to extreme cognitive dissonance and official propaganda.

These people are not myopic nor stupid. They know perfectly well the buildings were demolished but they refuse to admit it because that would mean admitting that Israel is an enemy of the USA.

They rather live a lie than to admit their "friends" fucked them in the ass.

I haven't seen any evidence that supports the theory of intentional demolition. There were signs of structural degradation throughout the day (bulges, creaks and groans, partial internal collapses) before the building finally collapsed completely. Fire can't melt steel but impacting debris can cause damage and fire can weaken structural integrity especially when burning out of control on almost every floor for many hours. One critical column finally collapses and the rest can't make up for that and fail. I mean if they were going to intentionally demolish the building, wouldn't they go out of the way to NOT make it look intentional? Wouldn't it be rather difficult to keep such a conspiracy a secret given the number of people that would have to know about an intentional demolition? I went to download the report you linked and they want a name and e-mail address. Give me a break.


If anyone once to see this report without having to provide a name and e-mail address, it can be downloaded here:

This study was funded by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and completed by a 3 man team at University of Alaska Fairbanks. This study doesn't prove much except that the way they modeled is different than the way other organizations have modeled. And it comes down to a matter of inches. E.g. NIST says one particular girder would have been displaced 6 inches while this study says it would have only been displaced 1 inch. This study is currently only a draft and it has just been opened up to public comment. It will be interesting to see what results from that and peer review (assuming there is some). To be taken seriously it's going to need it. Otherwise it's just three guys and their model.

What none of the studies say or seem to take into account (certainly not this one) is what damage was done to girders and/or columns as a result of impacting debris. Maybe it was none but then again maybe it wasn't.

3 buildings collapsed in a perfect vertical trajectory on the exact same day. It's obvious they were rigged for demolition.

If they had fell due to damage, they would not fall in such a perfect vertical way.

Open your eyes. The Israelis and the Saudis are the main terrorists of 9/11 and you know it. You just need to get your cognitive dissonance out of the way and admit what you already know.

Certainly Saudis were involved. That's not even in dispute and never really was.

How do you expect massive buildings such as these to collapse once structural failure occurs? As soon as one major structural component fails then another will fail as more stress is put on it, especially with such widespread damage. The failure isn't simultaneous but it's close enough not to matter that much. It's not as if the rest of the structure is going to hold together while the rest of the building simply tips over (which is what some of the simulated videos from this study shows). To me that seems far more absurd.

There's no cognitive dissonance on my end, I'm just waiting for some hard evidence. To suggest that demolition charges were placed in 3 massive buildings without anybody knowing about it and without anybody finding evidence (other than the gut feel and "common sense" of a lot of armchair quarterbacks as far as how they think buildings should collapse) is far more absurd than the buildings collapsing the way they did.

They say 3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead. Here there must be hundreds or thousands of people who would have to know about this. Yet none are talking.

The difference between you and I is that I could be convinced with evidence. Witnesses who have first hand knowledge of demolition charges, evidence that shows explosive charges were used, etc. You could never be convinced that demolition didn't happen no matter what evidence is provided (not that it is easy to prove a negative anyway). I'm not saying it's impossible that the buildings were intentionally demolished, just that I have no reason to believe that at this time. I'll be interested in the results of a peer review of this study and if it holds up what if any other explanations are theorized about possible causes of near simultaneous failure of supports.

I would also point out that in controlled demolitions, collapse starts at the bottom. In at least WTC 1 and WTC 2, collapse started near the top. You also typically see visible explosions before the collapse. If you wanted to fake a building collapse, having terrorists plant bombs seems a whole lot more straightforward than hijacking airliners and flying them into the buildings.

Besides, why would terrorists, whoever they are, be concerned with a "controlled" demolition? Why not make the buildings fall over and do more damage?

I don't think I'm the one with cognitive dissonance.

Well, the theory you believe in defies the main laws of physics. That scenario is impossible, you don't have any evidence to prove it and you still believe in it.

What theory did I put forth that defies the laws of physics? That the failure of major structural components puts stress on other structural components? Is there evidence of planted explosive charges that I was not aware of? Where is it? I'll gladly consider hard evidence. I just don't accept non-expert opinions about how buildings should fall when subjected to these conditions as proof, that's all.

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For 50 years these people believed that a magic bullet killed JFK. They will believe whatever the government tells them.

Your obsession with @berniesanders is pathetic. Get a life.

you're watching, but you're not seeing.

it's almost like you want to believe the government isn't lying and at perpetual war which makes trillions for the pentagon and defence contractors whose boards the politicians will join when they leave government.


Why don't you re-examine your assumptions about how buildings should collapse under the conditions these were subject to? It's seems like an awfully small minority of architects and engineers are agreeing with you.

The Pentagon never had problems with perpetual war before this happened so that doesn't really seem like a realistic motive here. You don't need an excuse to do what you are already making excuses successfully to do. A conspiracy on this level is far more elaborate than what is necessary so why go to all the risk and trouble?

Sure, there are evil people in the world but enough of them on the boards of defense contractors to conspire to murder this many men, women and children? Anything is possible but this hardly seems like the most likely scenario.

nobody died, the buildings were empty. your naivete seems to hold no bounds.

'why would the government..?'

there weren't even any planes:


Now you're just trolling.

no. deadly serious. what do you see in the image? is that possible? that is from broadcast pictures from the day in question. what is it you need explaining?

I've seen the impact from multiple camera angles. The wing was there. Just because poor video quality and a possible modified image makes it look otherwise in this one frame doesn't change that. Nevermind all the eyewitnesses. Why do you take one very questionable piece of evidence and exclude all the other available evidence? What's your explanation? The special effects artist forgot the wing? No, this can only be trolling. I'll stop feeding the troll now.

again, deadly serious. you have no idea of the depths of illusion you are under - and the smarter you are the deeper you are likely to have bought it and not be able to see it.

obviously, it's not just one frame, and this is one of hundreds of problems with the official story.

of course one should also consider the consequences of that day, both for human beings in other countries (who did nothing) and on american citizens themselves (who also did nothing.)

if you still trust your government at this stage there may be no hope for you.


Of course, much of the same holds true for the two main towers.

At some point, quite possibly, studies like this will get the officials to admit what Silverstein already said...that "because of the great loss of life, we (they) decided to 'pull it'."

Then everyone will go back to sleep....

Most Americans refuse to accept the truth because they know that truth is that the Terrorists of 9/11 are their "friends" from Israel.

Americans prefer to believe a bunch of lies than to admit the Israelis are worse criminals than the Islamic Radicals they fear so much. It's Cognitive Dissonance at its best.

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I thought this was about as controversial a topic as to where exactly at the north pole DOES Santa Claus live?

2 planes brought down 3 buildings at freefall speed... Who the hell still believes this nonsense?

The first time I saw the building fall, it looked to me like a demolition. It shows the classic implosion into it's self of a demolition.
I have to wonder what secrets they were trying to hide and make disappear, information that was collected in some office complex in that building?
There was no other reason for the building to fall down, it was not heavily damaged by debris from the towers.