DTube - The Canadian Revolution WILL BE Privatized! - The TRUTH with Tim Moen

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One of our most recent video interviews!
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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Moen, Leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada at Anarchapulco, 2018.
During the interview, Josh and Tim go into the efficiency of private industry on the free market and how it far outweighs the inefficiency of the public sector.
Tim is a fireman and a paramedic. He's seen the reality first hand and while many scream "without government, how will we put out fires and help the sick and injured?" the fact of the matter is, private care givers have far more incentive to do well, provide the right treatments at the lowest price for highest quality on the free market. Without the government intervention there wouldn't be massive monopolized pharmaceutical and insurance rackets subsidized by the "free healthcare" which in reality is simply not free.
We would see free market competition, innovation and individual demand. If one company did badly, individuals would simply move to a better competitor at a lower price and higher quality of output.
These are basic market principles, but far too many gloss over it.

When people think of privatizing everything, it scares them and rightly so. They think it's going to mean major monopolies everywhere. However, there ARE major monopolies everywhere and they have been propped up by government regulations, taxes and subsidies. The regulations allegedly in place to stop major monopolization actually aides the monopolies. It shoves small businesses out of the market that can't afford to keep up with the taxes and regulations. How exactly is that fair, but individuals deciding with the demand of their dollar "unfair"?

Tim Moen also breaks down his thoughts on the upcoming Canadian Federal Election and taking on Justin Trudeau. The idea that we need to change the culture, not the politics. That individuals far too often flock into collectives of voting for whomever easily counteracts the other major candidate. Left, right and repeat.
Now as voluntaryists here at WAM, our thoughts on actually getting into politics and changing it from within is debatable. However, Tim is a friend of ours and he's proven himself to be incredibly principled over the past 3 years that we've known him. So while we are not handing out any endorsements to anyone running for office anywhere, we endorse him as an individual. Someone with a strong conscience and a belief in voluntary interactions between free individuals.
His ability to educate on that subject is very important to bringing more people to the message of liberty.

We always appreciate his time.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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the problem with privatizing fire service is that if my neighbor does not pay his bill and they let his house burn down then it will likely damage my house as will.

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