Kudos To Lysbakken For Having Skin In The Game

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Disclaimer: Content is mostly relevant for Norwegians.



I am a libertarian, and I honestly believe that Socialism is the worst political ideology out there. It appeals to the Cainian side of human nature, where the lazy farmer can point a finger at the hard working farmer.

Why do you have 1 cow more than I? It is unfair. Give my your best milk cow, or I conspire with the secret police, and they send you to the Gulag.

I also believe that Socialism is a response to the demise of Christianity in Europe. Humans are not atheists: We all do worship something. So it is possible to worship something like Socialism or Utopism.

What is also so remarkable with Socialism is that is has never really worked:

North Korea…

It has only yielded human suffering and massacres.
You are believed to be crazy if you try to repeat the same thing endlessly and expect a different result.
What is also very clear is that Socialists almost never follow their own doctrines. They settle in almost only white neighbourhoods, try to pay as little tax as possible etc. After all they too are selfish humans, and I am fine with that.

Audun Lysebakken is probably the politician in Norway I have felt the most disdain towards. He use the ridiculous word welfare capitalist (velferdsprofitør) a lot, which is certainly a misnomer. Also, why should a business owner not try to take advantage of the ‘free’ money from the Government as long as it is legal? He knows that the State is going to 'rob' him later down the road.

A recent Tweet-storm revealed that has some memory loss concerning his party’s political history:

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 19.51.26.png


I just found out something for me very interesting. He actually lives in Holmlia, the worst shit hole place in Oslo, mostly ruled by young drug dealers, such as Young Bloods. Two persons were attacked by knife there recently

Christofer Owe made a movie some 10 years ago called Naive Norway (Naive Norge) that covered his frustration after living 1 year in Holmlia. This movie is unfortunately not available anymore due to its not political correct nature.

Like him or not, Lysbakken actually walk the talk. He really believes in Multiculturalism, Socialism and Utopia. How crazy is that?

Besides from that it is totally irresponsible of him to live with children in Holmlia, and his kids would certainly have a much better environment growing up in an established community in the Western part of Oslo.

Kudos Lysbakken, you are the Socialist Lighthouse in Norway, what ever that means.

Looking forward to getting Skin in the game by Nassim Taleb:

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 20.06.03.png


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I understand that Holmlia is an immigrant neighborhood, and that's where the problem lies. But what real possibility exists that in a country like Norway socialism like the other countries you described may be carried out? I think they are practically nil. The only way I see socialist Norway is if they impose socialism by force, as in Cuba, China, North Korea or Russia, but I do not see people converting to socialism in the next generations.


The problem is that Socialism is increasing over time. As the State is a protected entity it will increase in size. In Norway the bureaucracy is increasing at an alarming rate. Also, it is almost impossible to downsizing the Government afterwards. People that work in the Government also tend to vote Socialist, for obvious reasons. There is also a gender aspect here. Women as a group vote more leftist than men.


Woow, I thought that in a country with the quality of life like Norway the socialist discourse of oppressors and oppressed would have no effect, although when it comes to cultural Marxism or progressive socialism is something else, they campaign through ethnic minorities , I imagine that since in Norway there is a very high percentage of national homogenity in terms of race, culture, language, they tend to take advantage of it through feminism. I think that they should not have much success there either, as I understand that Norway is the country, along with Sweden, with a very high level of equality between men and women. For now, things are going well for Norway, but the left politicians will continue on their political agenda, and when something goes wrong, whether they cause it or not, because you have to remember that socialists do not mind ruining a country, then they can take power.

The countries that had communism in the past are also the ones that they hate it the most. Hmmmmm.........

And yeah, it's easy too be a socialist if your only problem is that your daddy doesn't get you the latest iPhone 9 s+


The countries that had communist in the past are also the ones that they hate it the most. Hmmmmm.........

Completely true.



Norway is, you might say, a democrafti socialist monorchy. As we have a king, but we also ahve political partys that the democratically popular once have the most representatives in the group that makes the desitions, and we ahve high taxes taht is used to destribute resources to the needy.

The real issue with socialism though, is that you are "allowed" to be spoiled, and not needing to grow up so to speak. But it does give you the ability to work on yourself to improove if you embody that mentality.

But to me, this isnt really the real issue, the issue is more in the line of; do we actually need gouvernment of any kind? Do we the people benefit from believing in authoritys ?

Interesting read nontheless.

Haha. Kudos to him and that other insane guy..what's he called again? The "Groruddalen" guy? Who sings and plays the guitar about Groruddalen? roflmao. You seen that shit?

Audun Lighthill...


Are you talking about Jan Bøhler perhaps?
Truth be told, it just saddens me that Lighthill is willing to sacrifice his own children for a failed ideology ('religion'). A responsible parent will never settle in such a dysfunctional neighbourhood as Holmlia. I honestly wish he moves, so his children could be protected from his lack of judgment.

I would agree with your statement that most people need something to believe in, if not God than some idea like a communist utopia.

The social benefits in Norway and other scandanavian countries are set to high so they encourage immigration. A more libertarian approach and a less socialist approach would discourage further immigration or maybe even some remigration.

However I don't think social policies can entirely be absent if a nation as a whole is to survive. There certainly needs to be a healthy balance though.

As surprising as it may sound, socialism worked in old Yugoslavia.
At least the economical aspect of it. People who worked -had money, people who didn't work -didn't have shit.

But of course there was the good old dictatorship going on. If you tell a joke about the president -you go to jail for 3 months. If you try to speak publicly against the regime -you go to special prison, which was basically a concentration camp, and you die there.

I don't know if socialism is the worst ideology, but it's definitely the easiest to abuse.

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Socialism has many negative sides and the most important, in my opinion, is that the socialists have always been ready to take everything away from the one who worked and handed it to someone who did not want to work at all. Thank you @janusface

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