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RE: Socialism & Drug Trafficking: A love story

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Let me ask you one question: ¿What makes socialism inherently prone to narco-traficking?

By your assessment one could infer that capitalism isn't as prone to deal with cocaine as socialism, what would be the inherent difference among the 2 ideologies that explains such thing?


What makes socialism inherently prone to narco-traficking? I don't know, that's the historical facts.

Maybe it is that the Socialists have a mental switch that they are "right" and the others are not, then they must "save the world" from the "Western" catastrophe and the "American empire". This allows them to do kind of actions and justify them with a greater purpose; the revolution.

Historical facts... ok, let me get back to you on that particular in a second answer.

By your statements it seems that socialists are somehow not-human, maybe they come from Jupiter. They have a "switch" of some kind. I guess you DON'T think you are "right" and they are wrong, otherwise you share with them some kind of "switch". Some people, sadly, don't care about others, that doesn't necessarily mean that those who say or act like they do, are lying or posing. Some people do care about those they don't know and live very very far away.

The world has been dominated by empires for milenia, or am I wrong? one after another, non-stop, always under some preponderant force that dominates over the other lesser ones. I guess we are the happy winners of History, in this brave new world there are no empires.

About the "justification" part, I agree, Machiavelism is bullshit, ends do not justify means.

It is not a matter of whether or not they are right, they feel that they are irrefutably right and should push their system, even if no one else wants it, since they must have some wisdom that no one else possesses. I do not think they are from Jupiter, maybe their ego makes them believe they are from there.

Certainly the world has been dominated by Empires during the history we know. But that does not make the United States an Empire, in fact, the United States fought against the last true empire that existed that was Nazi Germany.

Not an empire then? Ok. I'll stick to the empire thing. Nazi Germany was an Empire? because they called themselves the third reich? (as reich meaning realm or empire) at the most they were a project of an empire. So you agree there were empires, lots of them, but now, as in RIGHT now, no empire?

Let's agree to disagree then...

Nazi Germany was an Empire, because the term refers to a form of government and state structure, Nazi Germany, although it had no emperor, had an equally powerful figure as "Führer", and tried by all means will return a quasi-feudal system but with greater freedom economy.

The United States is not an empire, it is a federal constitutional republic. If you mean that the United States is the first world power and the dominant power, I give you the reason, in the bad and in the good that this implies.