Ukraine, where to find real information...

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Where to even start?? A few places with real information:

Scott Ritter:

And then this from the FreeRepublic forum:

[Seems to be a bit of a morale problem among Ukrainian troops that is not being reported in the Western Mockingbird Media. Does not look like the $40 billion is reaching the frontline troops. Video at link. Below is a translation.]

1/7 In Ukrainian: "We, the military personnel of 13th motorized infantry Det, specifically RVP fire-support Co, petitioning the Commander-in-Chief of the AFU. We're the active military personnel of 58th Bde, 13th Bn. Petitioning the C-in-C of the AFU with a request to not use us.

2/7 as meat [fodder] and to withdraw us to a safe zone for resupplying us with materiel, arms, and personnel, because at present we are unable to carry out the missions we are tasked with. Also, in light of recent events, our personnel needs physical and morale-psychological.

3/7 rehabilitation to enable us to be accomplishing our missions 100%. We appeal to you b/c our commanders don't hear us, and ignore all our requests, and task us with further missions that we cannot accomplish. C-in-C, sir, in no way are we refusing to be defending our Fatherland.

4/7 or carrying out our direct obligations as military personnel, as we had pledged on the freedom of ppl of Ukraine and the independence of our State. We're hoping for your help and understanding. [End of prepared speech.] C-in-C, sir: today we were visited by the "management."

5/7 of the 58th Bde, namely Zampolit [Deputy Commander for Ideology] who already wants to be pulling us out 3-4 men at a time and be throwing them in prison as they speak up. Today is May 22nd. We don't want to be used as cannon fodder. We want to defend our State, but we're not

6/7 being enabled to. For, we're sent w/o any training. Among us, as you can see, there are many just-mobilized personnel. Some of them have never handled a firearm, not to mention any training. In this video you can see that these men don't even have any protective gear.

7/7 We're running out of food, drinking water. We're being constantly..." [the end!]

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