The Family (Netflix miniseries) : I have mixed thoughts

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I am a massive fan of documentaries that are meant to be giant "revelations" of hidden powers that exist in the world and that is precisely what "The Family" is meant to be. However, I can't get fully on board because of the fact that it seems pretty undeniable that the creator and primary person presenting the information we are given, Jeff Sharlet, seems to have been scorned / outcast from the very organization that he is exposing.


There is no denying that Christianity definitely has a powerful position in USA politics. I'm one of the people that doesn't actually believe that most of our politicians actually are terribly religious, but rather keep up the impression that they are for the sake of securing votes. There is a reason why any sort of religious involvement with various people in power happen to coincide with a wide array of photographers who just happen to be present.

This series attempts to expose how there is a religious organization that controls many facets of overall politics in the United States and also globally and all of this information comes from the hands of former member, author and now producer of the series in question, Jeff Sharlet.


Now i don't want to suggest that I think Jeff is lying about his expose. I don't believe he is. But when you watch this show it is difficult to not look at it and start to think that perhaps Mr. Sharlet is doing this "big reveal" because he didn't actually succeed at being a member. Sure, he would like us all to believe that his intention all along was to uncover this organization for all eyes to see, but, and maybe I am alone in this thinking, the dude kind of seems like he was exiled from the organization and rather than accept it and move on, he wants to bring down the entire ship if he is not going to be allowed to sail on it anymore.

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that politics and power are definitely dirty. I also definitely believe that there are a group of people out there that control almost everything that happens in the world and have a level of power that the rest of us can't even fathom. I just don't think that Jeff Sharlet is beholden to these secrets, nor does he have the level of access that he would like for us to believe.

I think this show is without question, worth seeing. It is quite interesting. However, and especially since they put a disclaimer talking about how it is a dramatization, I don't actually find this to be the great shocking expose that it is presented as being. Rather, i think it is for the most part the work of a hack that got kicked out of an elite club and now he is trying to cause them as much harm as he possibly can.

That's just my opinion. I really have no information to actually base this on and I have only watched two of the series. I suggest that you watch it for yourself and see if you end up being skeptical the way that I am at this point.

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Thank you for this review, @gooddream. I've been looking for what to see on Netflix and your recommendation arrives on time. I'll see it, for now, I agree with you that politics and power are dirty and cause us many ills. The vast majority of politicians are soulless. Greetings, friends.

Watched part one just last night. After I watch more I will reply again.

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I have never watched this movie before but with this update @gooddream I will love to watch the movie.

Am a fan of a good conspiracy I'll give it a look

It was a long time before I ever really understood what a dramatization was. For real, I was probably a young adult before it actually sunk in :) I haven't watched this, but I would probably pass on it anyway. It sounds like you have probably made a pretty astute assertion of it though.