Gonna Be a Jail a Demon-House Rock ! Ladies and Gentlemen get your Popcorn and Enjoy the Show ! Q

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What if I told you that all these deep state actors, Hillary Clinton being one of the most prominent have already been arrested and subject to a secretly held Military tribunal and that they were given a choice, play a role in a carefully organised and yes written movie scenario which aim is to systematically infiltrate,collect information on and destroy totally a secret world government that is evil to the core or face the Death penalty for treason ?

Well watch this video and you well see that it could well be what is happening !

The Storm Has Arrived for the Cabal, Right to the Very Top of their Pyramid for So Long Hidden from our Eyes !

QAnon 8.25.18 Saturday Morning Redpill [Truth Bombs]

The Patriot Hour
Published on 25 Aug 2018

Patriot Tech Link Below. Behind the Scenes of Patriot Hour:
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Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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I love anything autotuned, these are some of my faves


Yeah i love those autotune videos too ! that HRG what differnce at this point does it make is absolutely brilliant no ? So how do they do this, seems very cool, ))


one of them had a site at the end they said people can use to make their own autotuned videos


thats food for thought maybe no @funbobby51 ?? )

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