Rand Paul and the New GOP

in politics •  4 months ago

Rand Paul is the real rising star of the GOP.

As I’ve been telling you for months now, I expect a complete collapse of the Democratic Party following the wipe out in this year’s elections.

From massive Culture War losses which have red-pilled minorities to hysterical outbreaks over basic Presidential foreign policy the Democrats are losing the center of the U.S. electorate.

The latest NBC/Wall St. Journal poll confirms the news.

… just 33% of those surveyed feel the Democratic Party is “in the mainstream.” More than half (56%) consider them out of step.
Just two years ago in 2016, those numbers were far different: 48% mainstream, 42% out. That means the “mainstream” number has plunged 15%, a huge drop in just two years.

What does this have to do with Rand Paul?

A lot.

Because Paul is positioning himself, smartly, to take advantage of the power vacuum left by the vacancy that will be left in the GOP this fall. The old guard GOP establishment is losing control of the party.

The Neoconservatives are openly jumping ship back to the Democrats.

As I talk about in my latest article for Strategic Culture Foundation, the Democrats are rallying around a 30% share of the electorate that is slowly shrinking.

Rasmussen put out a poll recently which I believe is accurate saying that 65% of self-identified Democrats believe Trump is a traitor while as many as a third of Republicans do as well….

…With more than 40% of the U.S. electorate identifying as Independent (and that number is rising) those in the ‘treason’ camp represent, at most, 30% of voters – 20% from the Democrats, at most 10% from Republicans.

It is the same globalist, interventionist coalition that has seen its brethren monkey-hammered all across Europe over the past two years.

Social Democrats are no longer in power in Europe. And no matter how hard they try to rebrand themselves using cheap, emotional paeans to community, the patience of the majority of people for their nonsense has been reached.

Paul has smartly moved to support trump in his fight against a Deep State in open insurrection against his presidency.

And with the GOP establishment changing Trump has the opportunity to remake the GOP and Paul is seizing the opportunity to be his consigliere in the Senate.

The first thought that pops into mind when discussing Paul’s rise is for him to replace Mike “The Establishment’s Insurance Policy” Pence as Vice-President. But, that’s not where Paul’s true value lies.

John McCain is dying or alive in the same way that Brezhnev was alive in the weeks before the announcement. He, along with the Supreme Court retirements, represent the beginning of a sea change in the leadership of the U.S. that will occur over the next six years of Trump’s presidency.

Paul is placing himself to take over as Chairman of a number of powerful committees currently held by these same last-generation, Boomer dead-enders, if not Senate majority leader at some point.

That’s where the real power is wielded in D.C. And that’s where Paul has to remain to be most effective going forward.

Replacing Pence would effectively neuter him and end his political career just when it was getting interesting.

By the time Trump is done remaking things in D.C., this country will be ready for a guy like Rand Paul to run for President.

But, things have to happen in a specific order and over the right time frame for it to happen. Paul’s father, the great Ron Paul, was a few years too early. He lit the fire that Trump threw gasoline on which will burn away the rot in the Swamp.

It’ll be Rand Paul’s opportunity to begin building something new if he continues to play his cards right.

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Very interesting. I sure hope you're right.

Somehow, neocons seem to rise from the grave to spread death and destruction anew. I reckon it has something to do with the vast amounts of money they create for the defense industry. I don't see that going away, and I don't see it accounted for in your analysis.

Let's hope it fades away with the radical brownshirts Democrats have become.


What do you think?:

Democrats hate and are against anything Trump calls for. Trump calls for end to federal marijuana laws prior to 2020 election. Democrats stuck between agreeing with Hitler or denying their liberal audience legalization.

Also, Rand Paul is using Trump perfectly to advance Liberty.


I said weeks ago, after AMLO's election in Mexico that Trump will push for ganga legalization after the Red Tide of the mid-terms. And that will be a wedge issue which tears what's left of the Democrats' coalition apart. Good times. :)


The greatest troll of his presidency.

Rand Paul has been impressing me as of late. He’s been reminding me if his father somewhat.