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Great analysis!
I think you are correct about a lots of things.
David P Goldman (Spengler) is saying similar things.

A few points:

  1. Turkey is just exchanging a US slave collar for a Chinese one.
  2. Russia, Iran and Turkey are all historic enemies of each other so its not a stable alliance - look for Russia to bleed Turkey as they have bled Iran.
  3. Taking Turkey out of NATO prevents the encirclement of Russia that the US achieved in the Cold War - a huge geopolitical achievement for Putin.
  4. These developments make the US even more dependent on the true regional superpower - Israel.
    This is why both Putin and Trump are so cosy with Bibi.
  • Russia can only maintain its crucial Syrian position with Israeli acquiescence.
  • The US can only maintain its E Med presence under Israeli protection.
    US aircraft carriers are very vulnerable to Russian supersonic and hypersonic missiles, but land based aircraft in hardened revetments protected by the world's best 5 layer missile defence shield are not.

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Being Greek, your vid was important in clarifying certain points for me. Thank you.

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