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RE: Renewable Energy Disappointments - Our Government is failing us Australia.

in #politics4 years ago

Having lived in many countries on three different continents, the stranglehold on the population of traditional power and its charges is criminal. Some countries perpetual connection charges are almost as high as a low consumption charge. The same powers that should not be also withhold advanced free/low cost alternative energy solutions for no other reason than control and profit. Humanity would be free, if energy was free. No more slavery. No more dependence on any human. No more hunger, thirst. An advanced society of liberty realization.


Hi @globocop, thanks for stopping by. I agree it is a shame that as a society we could have advanced so much further had our business leaders been just a tiny bit more considerate of society.

It's spiritual decay in my view.
Thanks for raising awareness.

Happy Christmas!

My pleasure :) thanks for voicing your view. Its been good to hear them, and merry xmas to you too.

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