CLINTON CORRUPTION | How The Clintons Tried To Control Haiti

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The Clinton's not only took the role of overseeing the relief effort on the ground in Haiti during the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake they also made sure that there was little criticism of them or the US government in the media during that time.

To keep Haiti under long term control the Clinton's had managed to successfully place one of their own people into a top government position in the newly elected Haitian government. Their plan worked for a few months until various Haitian officials began to grow suspicious of the new Prime Minister's links with Clinton's and eventually forced him out of his government position.

The King and Queen of Haiti | Politico - 05/04/2015

Many in Haiti thought the Clintons’ influence had reached its peak when, shortly after Martelly took office, he selected one of Bill Clinton’s top aides, Garry Conille, to be his prime minister. Conille had been Bill Clinton’s chief of staff at the U.N. Office of the Special Envoy, and many in the Haitian political elite assumed that the Clintons had imposed him to keep an eye on the unpredictable new president.

As we can see from this email sent by Thomas Adams, Special Coordinator for Haiti, to Cheryl Mills the President of Haiti seemed a little reluctant to give the Clintonite Garry Conille the top job of Prime Minister of Haiti.

Garry Conille | Wikileaks - 08/31/2011

JoeIle just spoke with Kali Jones, who said that MM [Michel Martelly] is going to put forward the name of Garry Conille as Haiti's next Prime Minister, with the announcement coming out perhaps as early as this evening. Kali met with members of the Inite/GPR Coalition earlier today, and they agreed to waive the residency requirement. She said the group was very antagonistic, saying this was being imposed by the U.S. and Bill Clinton.

According to another Wikileaks document it appears that the Clinton's were also controlling the media stories coming out of Haiti in the weeks following the earthquake. The US State Department, headed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, set up US friendly media outlets and radio broadcasts in a bid to control the narrative.

The cable dated January 28th 2010 from the Secretary of State to all US diplomatic posts provides a guide and a list of talking points designed to help US officials when dealing with reporters, and when commenting on the disaster and the relief efforts being made by the Clinton's and the US government at the time.

Guidance And Talking Points On Developments In Haiti | Wikileaks - 01/28/2010

  1. Summary: Most international media have now moved on from Haiti to other issues, with remaining coverage focused on the January 27 rescue of a teenage girl and continuing concerns over aid access. Posts should continue to monitor local reporting and engage opinion leaders personally when coverage is inaccurate or mischaracterizes U.S. efforts in Haiti.
  2. This message is designed to provide you with key themes, talking points, and updated facts to help you engage local audiences and correct misinformation or distortions about America's efforts in Haiti.

The whole cable reads like it was written by an insecure teenager. It's as if the State Dept really needed people to know they were helping a country in need, and also to be seen and made to look like heroes whilst all the while behind the scenes they were actually just being completely corrupt and incompetent. Below are jsut a couple of articles about Clinton corruption in Haiti and other disaster zones.

'FOBs': How Hillary's State Dept. Gave Special Attention to 'Friends of Bill' After Haiti Quake | ABC News - 10/11/2016

In a series of candid email exchanges with top Clinton Foundation officials during the hours after the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, a senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly gave special attention to those identified by the abbreviations “FOB” (friends of Bill Clinton) or “WJC VIPs” (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).

Clinton Foundation 'fraud began with exploiting earthquake' | WND -

Former President Bill Clinton developed a methodology of exploiting epidemics and natural disasters to raise hundreds of millions in “charitable donations” that in a relaxed regulatory environment could be diverted to personal gain, funding Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns and supporting Democratic Party causes, charges Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel, who has conducted an in-depth investigation of the foundation’s finances.

Ortel is finalizing additional reports that show the Clinton Foundation illegally exploiting natural disasters, including fighting HIV/AIDS internationally, beginning July 2002; tsunami relief in January 2005; Hurricane Katrina in August 2005; and Haiti, beginning in 2009.

The cable from the Wikileaks Public Library of US Diplomacy covers all the key facts and statistics detailing the amount of equipment, supplies, and humanitarian effort the US government was providing. They were also keen to show off how many search and rescue operations had taken place during the time as well. The cable goes on to explain the propaganda tools and techniques that were put into place to help shape the narrative coming out of Haiti during that period.

The Obama administration saw the devastation the earthquake had on the radio and telecommunications infrastructure across the country as the perfect opportunity to control the voices and messages going in and coming out of Haiti. Within days of the earthquake they had given out hundreds and thousands of wind up radios and scrambled a flying radio station that circled the skies high above Haiti broadcasting Voice of America and Creole call-in shows in an effort to monitor and filter any negative stories or news.

"Commando Solo," a radio station in the sky provided by the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, has been helping transmit AM radio signals to Haiti since the quake to deliver information, including live broadcasts of VOA news and Creole call-in shows;

The State Department also gave the recipients of the cable a whole list of official statements and rebuttals to use in case they were asked any hard hitting questions by the media criticizing the US's attempt at disaster relief. One of the rebuttals is a quote from Hillary Clinton complaining about the media response to the Clinton Foundations involvement in Haiti.

SECRETARY CLINTON (Jan. 26) "Some of the international press either misunderstood or deliberately misconstrued what was a civilian and military response, both of them necessary in order to be able to deliver aid to the Haitians who desperately needed it."

The final point they include in the cable is a very odd one. It's to do with the theory that the earthquake was caused by the HAARP weapon. It does seem stange to me that they even felt the need to include this talking point.

Disinformation alleging that the Haitian earthquake was deliberately caused by what is inaccurately described as a U.S. secret weapon, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), continues to appear in some fringe media, including "Javan" daily in Iran and ""

Now you could read all this and think that the Clinton's, the State Dept, and the Obama administration were just doing the best they could out of the kindness of their hearts to help a country that was bought to it's knees by a devastating natural disaster, and that there is no great conspiracy here, but when you add it to all the other stories involving Clinton corruption in Haiti and beyond you start to see a pattern of greed, lies and control which they need to keep hold of in order to maintain their ever decaying house of cards.



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I guess robbing them wasn't enough!


They probably wouldn't have been so successful at being corrupt af if they weren't able to control the media.


Everyone thinks that the US just has a Mexican problem when it comes to illegal immigration and that totally isn't the case. If you go to New York City there is a lot of illegal Haitians there and many of them will tell ya they are here because the US (the Clinton Foundation and the Red Cross) did not do what they promised and use those charity dollars to rebuild.


The people in Haiti are still waiting for some of the $7 Billion the Clinton/Bush crime family collected.


Be glad when they finally put them both in jail.


I hope we see it, but I have my doubts. I've been researching them both since Bill put Hillary in charge of healthcare and there is so much evidence of corruption all the way up to and including murder that they should both be doing life... but no charges are ever filed.

Great post mate. The most worrying part is how easy it all seems. I supposed having a compliant media, endless money and a sociapathic/psycopathic nature makes it just a day at the office for these criminals. The way they prayed upon a devastated nation parading as saviours is despicable.


Yep. Having ultimate money and power allows you to play outside the rules. It stinks.

more classeic corrupt Hillary!


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Try [email protected] we'll go from there ; )



FRACK! Sorry I missed your coverage!
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No worries Frank.

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Excellent article. Thanks ;)

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Nice post, really very interesting.