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Good people.

On this occasion I just want to provoke with this video what the same caused me. Whoever does not feel anything with this may be half dead, but, I understand that we are all different. Even so, I hope this comes deep but do not go ahead, this is the beginning of the background. See it and then the background of the matter. Let's go to the mess:

Father's Day Surprise- Militar Version. Youtube channel: Humor de Cantina.

Extremely emotional capable of moving even the hardest person. Nothing like reencounters after a war or compulsory military service, but Does it really have to be like this? </ Strong> Should there be a sad and disheartening motive like a war for these reunions to exist? Why do wives and children have to stop seeing their parents for a conflict that others create? And note, as there are thousands of real stories with a good ending where, after months and even years, they see their loved ones again but there is another huge percentage that does not suffer the same fate and, instead of receiving the visit of their Loved ones, receive a military message informing them that, with gallantry and fulfilling their nationalistic heroism, their husband, brother, father or son fell on the battlefield in the performance of their duty.

I live in a country blessed by God, happiness, life, destiny, cosmic chance, good decisions or whatever you want to call it, where, after a bloody civil war, on December 1st, 1948, it was absolutely abolished and Irreversible the army.

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A decision that I can proudly applaud today was taken at the most unthinkable moment, where wars and neighborhood conflicts and of a political nature were the order of the day.

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"Happy the Costa Rican mother who knows when giving birth that her son will never be a soldier"

Some of them mocked and still mocking today, calling us cowards for not having an army and want to settle conflicts in a diplomatic way, through dialogue as all things should be resolved and the truth is that I could not feel more pride of country in the That I was born. To see, it is not a perfect country or far away but at least I know that as a citizen I will not suffer because a relative goes to a war to lose his life, at best, in the worst return crippled or post- War that so many people and families destroy.
I am in complete agreement to defend my country when its sovereignty and freedom are violated in case of an invasion or direct aggression, but, to send my children or parents to die because a few think it appropriate to defend the economic interests of some powerful or Simply to justify an invasion of another sovereign country by pure personal or political interest seems to me, from my perspective, the most cowardly and inhuman act that may exist.




Gentlemen like these and dozens more throughout recent history and present continuous as many names and surnames that I think take their influence and power, hire the best speechwriters to make them deep speeches, absolutely nationalist and with ideas That really seem justified and they sell the idea to a great majority to the point of believing that they are really giving their lives for a just cause when it is only the selfish whim of their leaders. Sending out to kill innocents from their own countries and killing other innocents while they sit and wait behind their desks is the greatest cowardice that the world, over my 36 years, has been able to show me.
I have always believed that if one leader has a problem with another, if the dialogue does not work for them, they should go to a boxing ring and fix their differences to blows between them, who are concerned, not commanding to kill their innocent citizens that little Or have nothing to do with their discrepancies.

I wish there were more people like them willing to give everything to see a reality without so much unjustified death. I wish we dared ourselves to be the ones to carry a flag of peace, instead of educating our children by bringing them the idea that war is good or necessary.




My congratulations to my brothers from Panama who, a few years ago, made the right decision to abolish their army, which, hopefully, was the route that other Latin countries could take, but we know the most recent history.

I conclude from my thinking that I would prefer to see more scenes like the video without the need for them to be motivated by actions as low and inhuman as wars of economic and political interests. I know that for the citizens who live in militarized countries and, accustomed to confrontations, my words must fall like the speeches of a coward, but there is nothing more gratifying than living in a society that fixes its problems with words and not bullets .

Thank you very much for coming and giving me the joy of writing for you. I hope this material will serve you a lot.

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