Of the Lesser of Two Evils, Choose Neither

in politics •  2 years ago

If I were still an American, I would never vote for either Trump or Hillary.

I have no idea why anyone would suggest such a thing (as some have, strangely), especially when I have written blog entries against Trump and also to some (lesser) extent against Hillary. I am a pro-life libertarian. I have been for many years. I would never vote for this evil man!

All we can say is that Americans are choosing something similar to an election between Hitler and Stalin. Both are evil choices.

Of 20 major issues, Hillary gets one right (marihuana). Trump gets pro-life right (weakly), and preserves gun rights. That is two in his favor, so he is "better" than Hillary. He MIGHT also appoint pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-constitution judges to the Supreme Court, which if it really happened would be another point in his favor, but that still only gets him to three.

It is not enough, still, that a Christian could vote for him, and especially not a libertarian. Will I be happier if Trump beats Hillary? Yes, marginally, just like I would be if Hitler beat Stalin.

I am speaking in terms of objectives and which one will do less evil. I would still not vote for either one. My main interest is what will become of my children up there and how many Americans and Europeans will come to Chile as a result. Can I be any clearer?

To me, it is impossible for a true Christian to vote for any person that is willing to harm innocent people, especially fully-formed babies (8th month of gestation) with the brutal scissors-and-brain-suction-procedure, that Hillary both supports now (as she said in the 3rd debate) and voted for in 2000 and 2003 as Senator.

War is bad, too, and Trump COULD end up being just as evil as her on warfare (or worse), but on that score we still do not know. Obviously he is bad on immigration and protectionism (Hillary is befuddled on both so neither one gets a point). Thus, I can understand why an ignorant Christian would vote for Trump. There is simply no excuse for them or other Christians voting for Hillary. The fact that other people I know vote for Trump also does not mean that I would do so or that I condone their actions.

Both candidates underscore the reason why you and others should Escape America Now!!!

Until next time,
John Cobin

Escape America Now

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I'm a member of two camps. Never Trump and Never Hillary. Looks like Mickey Mouse gets my vote.

Oh be serious, voting is vital or it would just be the richest idiot running the place instead of the idiot with the biggest mouth.

Not anyone can be rich, but anyone can have the biggest mouth and that is what makes voting fair; any idiot can win if they can panhandle enough gold to buy the media campaign . . .

We got Trump now. Too late to change. Thanks for upvoting my riddle just now. Upvoted.