Top Ten Reasons To HATE THE STATE!

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1- Child Protective Services Kidnaps Children Legally: This guys can literally take your children away forever for no good reason at all, for example if you smoke pot.

2-The Drug War Is Fucked Up: It is a dark business designed by politicians to earn power and money, but at the same time steal our freedom to put whatever we want on our bodies by caging us like animals.

3-Politicians Are Crooks: This is obvious, they are liers, dreamsellers and tyrants who trick people into giving their personal freedoms by saying some scary bullshit that "will happen if they do not have power". Perhaps they are not necessary.

4-Police Are Fascists: They give up their humanity when they become police officer. They are road pirates paid by your taxes to steal your money...Not forgetting that they have killed people while power tripping with a baton or by shooting them. They are just the bitches of parasitical politicians who are their masters (Sugar daddies). They do not question anything and they perform evil while presenting themselves as heroes!

5-Nationalism IS CANCER: Seriously praying to a flag is retarded, you are just defending a ruling class who oppresses people. It is sad to see how many people die all over the world fighting to defend crooks and dark forces (State mercenaries).

6-Troops Are Murderers: Troops are basically hitmen protecting the most harmful people of planet earth, who are the pirates directed by tyrants like old Uncle Sam, the Russians, the Chinese or whatever empire against humanity they protect. They defend the hate trying to create love, or at least that is what some people believe as honestly the most retarded people who can't go to college (Which is also a scam in a way...) become part of the "troops". They are dumb and violent mobs demanding your respect saying they fought for your country, when they create fear imposing death...

7-Censorship And Actual Fake News: Well obviously mate they own pharmaceutical corporations, big oil, the military and the state. This corporations also own the news and they are the old dinosaur media that is manipulated to see governments as saviours and make the unthinking masses hate libertarians.

8-TAXATION IS THEFT: We are all being robbed to finance our kidnappers and the people who steal our freedom. Even if you are a statist I can tell you that you are definitely financing something you don't like when you act like a "law abiding citizen" (Also known as controlled retards). It is also a violation against the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).

9-We Can Still Have All Our Progress In a Voluntaryist Society: Supply and demand will maintain a free market as the counter economy explains, we need to get rid of this manipulation and extortion we call regulation. Government does not create anything, they just steal stuff. Things like cars, phones, guns, computers, etc were not BUILT BY THESE IDIOTS (IN FACT THEIR ONLY TALENT IS THE ABILITY TO LIE).

Counter Economics.jpg



10-Education Is Rigged: We are running on the Prussian educational system which is meant to create slave workers and factories. Also we all know public education manipulates little children's mind in a 1984 way against a lot of things. Real geniuses learn concepts by themselves and a lot of hard work, not by being confined with a bunch of millennials and a teacher on a room (Fuck postmodernism).

I just wish to be FREE AS I LOVE HUMANITY!




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Your post has been Resteemed and Upvoted by @familyprotection
( tag #familyprotection )

Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes.

We are raising funds so that in the future we can help families fight the system and stay together. Please UPVOTE this comment to support us.


I am going to follow you know mate! Keep on fighting for justice.

Your #1 spot should definitely be #1 as they are the worst of all government departments.
People who kidnap and abuse those kidnapped children, taking them away from loving families, are the WORST people of all. I detest this department of government with my whole being.

In fact, a friend and her daughter are staying with me right now,
laying low as we get lawyers on board to properly fight back. She does not have the funds to do this, but I am fortunate to have Steem and Cryptos that I can access to help her.
Her now-adult daughter was taken into foster care for almost 3 years, while they fought the system and finally were found completely innocent and the girl was returned to them.

Now the nightmare has begun again and I will NOT let them kidnap and abuse her youngest daughter.
I will probably be writing a blog post on what is happening next week, after our legal consultations.

I am one of the founders of @familyprotection here on Steemit.
Please join up with us to educate and help families in these situations.


Thanks for creating such a nobel cause, I am glad to see people defending what is actually right and not the government! :)


I am assuming that this is happening in Canada. Can you fill me in a bit here? I'd like to know what's going on in my country.


Yes, in BC. This is the 3rd person so far that I am directly involved in helping with their cases against MCFD/Social Services. I have seen the workers break Canadian laws, lie, trick, manipulate -- anything that they can do to get your kids away and into the foster care system.
They are not looking out for the best interest of children as we want to believe they are.
In my experience, and from other stories I have heard, they want to destroy families.

Please follow the @familyprotection account -- and you will see lots of dialogue there about what people have gone through. It seems to be a a similar story in all of the developed countries.

You may also want to listen to this interview about our project here on Steemit.

I love to see people defending this cause, here in Chile we have something called Sename that has killed more children that the number of people that were murdered by Pinochet's regime in here (IN FIVE FUCKING YEARS...). I am going to follow that account now! :)


That is so awful to hear!
If you decide to write about what is happening with the Sename, please tag it as #familyprotection


No problem I will write about it tomorrow probably!


Girl I just finished the post of the Sename! :)

Wonderful post!!! I see this as an ad on as a TV commercial or some other media as an excellent attention grabber. Parallel the David Letterman Late Show top ten with a drum roll and do the reverse 10 9 8 76 5 4 3 2 1. It would definitely grab some people's attention with clips of the video and top ten to awaken the sleeping sheeple about these problems. Get a person to edit the info into a commercial. Perhaps Steemit or some entity on steemit like family protection could help fund it. Thanks.


Sounds like a great idea as vacations are coming soon, honestly what I will do with this kind of post is that I will post more political and meaningful content! As I really wish to see people waking up! By the way if anyone wants to turn this into an AD, you have my permission to do so! Great comment, have a great day!

This looks awesome! I am definitely watching all this videos as soon as get my Hands on a laptop this weekend. Saving this in my todo list! Thanks @endless-drugs


No worries, I just wish to expand valuable information because I believe people need to notice how this society is sadly is being managed... I love to educate people! :D

Wow I thought steemit's anarchists would be all over a post like this. Where you at rebels? Anarchy supports anarchy. Or does it? Oh right. Every one is too busy upvoting pictures of good food. Steemit libertarianism is such a two faced, ass-kissing, money-sold culture. Great post @endless.drugs


Hahaha, honestly I was thinking just the same! If I had some SBD I would promote the post. Have a nice day!

Great collection of videos. Was trying to remember this guys name so a bonus too :)


Larken Rose is actually here on Steemit if you wish to look him up! Have a great day! :D


Thanks man! I will definitely do that.


I recommend him very much as he is definitely a unique character.