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I just wanted to expand this project through my blog, voluntaryists and libertarians alike might enjoy this project as it has a lot of potential for implementing our ideas into real life! I am glad to see that this kind of ideologies are actually visible in the world right now, I am very happy about that situation! Statism is cancer, if you believe that authorities are necessary at least be a minarchist instead of a damn fascist! As an anarcho capitalist I don't like to virtue signal but I just wish to be in a system in which individual liberties are enforced (The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP!)). Do as you please with your life while you are not negatively affecting others, the free market causes hardworking people to progress economically with time!

In conclusion I am extremely happy about this idea, I already subscribed to it and I will be the first guy to go to Ancapistan if it is actually created during my lifestyle! I am in love with a girl that is from the Czech Republic, I am thinking on starting a relationship with her but that is unrelated to this post! I am definitely in a very good mood and I will also link you to another video about gun "control"/centralization (An oxymoron, all dictators disarm civilians/slaves before SLAUGHTERING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!). I love you all guys, I need to study mathematics! See you later, I am back at my blog!

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To be honest, it's been quite a while since I've heard anything new about Free Society but as long as you're going to the Czech Republic you'll be pretty close to Liberland @liberlandpress - which continues to progress.

Maybe you've gotten a little tripped up with English but... Re: Enforcing individual liberties - who would do that and would it be any different to the current situation with state employed enforcers? People like us, ie: first generation anarchists, have to teach ourselves and carefully observe our own thought processes to constantly throw away the bad ideas that, more or less, have been beaten into us.


I like the idea he has. We could do "free trade" zones as well and make "private cities" that are autonomous from the surrounding areas. I just want want to live in a city, so it would have to be more like a "free trade rural zone?" ;-)

I'm watching it now, and I like that he called it an "economic free zone." Thati s the same idea I hoped Liberland would follow. In other words I don't want to live in a contested swamp in Eastern Europe. I would however live in Latin America or other nice places. We just need to purchase that land or come to an agreement for it. It reminds me of the Cossacks in Russia too. In exchange for their occasional military service as mercenaries, they basically get to rule themselves in an autonomous zone. Our service doesn't have to be related to war though.

I've been following you for a while and its nice to see you are staying commited and growing a following! I have some ideas you can write about;

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I just took a picture of the comment, I have literally 200 things to write about! maybe I may touch a topic or two of yours on vacationz! :D