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RE: Voting is Flawed. Is There a Fix?

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Politics is good and so the democracy but the corrupt politicians make politics bad, they are the one who made it dirty.

Whatever the process of voting whether it is manual or automated, there is always a loophole in it where the red-handed politicians take advantage for their gain.


Politics is bad, because it covers plunder, abuse, and murder under a veneer of civility. Democracy is a false god. No one can delegate to another party an authority they do not have as individuals. Governments necessarily operate through violation of the very rights they claim to protect and defend.

I do not agree with you on this. Politics isn't bad, democracy isn't bad. The true definitions of these concepts are in existence for the betterment of the society. Where's problem occurs is in the execution of the concepts

Do I have the authority to govern you? No. So I cannot delegate to anyone else such an authority either. Claims of political power are thus usurpation, and wholly illegitimate.

There is no agent/principal relationship between a politician and those who voted for him, much less such a relationship between the politician and those who voted against him, did not vote, or could not vote. Thus, democracy is a sham.

Society does not exist except as a description for the peaceful exchanges and interactions between people. Government is by definition a territorial monopoly on violence. People who call themselves "government" necessarily claim a special authority to violate the life. liberty, and property of everyone in the region they "govern." The incentives of political power guarantee corruption regardless of the intentions of the people in "government" or the founders of the "government." Politics is inherently anti-social. It cannot be executed justly, fairly, or for the betterment of "society" by its very nature.

Why do you disagree? What specific reasoning has led you to the position you hold?

You are talking about the practicality of the concepts... My point is the theoretical definitions of the concepts in themselves are not evil. The practicality of it however has been tainted by the human nature in its active form, hence your stance.

If a concept fails to work in reality every time it's tried due to readily-explainable phenomena, it isn't a theory, and it needs to be discarded. There is no way political power can work as advertised. That is why politics and economics can only be understood by beginning at the level of individual human action, and not at the scale of, "It would be great if..."

Now I get your point... It should be "what is" and not "what ought to be"

Almost. It's "what is" versus "what people imagine."

Imagine if I told someone making a sacrifice to Neptune/Poseidon before going on an ocean voyage were a complete waste, and the priesthood was knowingly or unknowingly suckering the people there to give offerings, but I was told in response it was necessary to ensure a safe voyage anyway. Tradition and the teachings of past generations become a burden and an impediment to progress if they are not periodically reexamined for validity.

Democracy is an expression of being free - Everyone is free to choose whoever they want to lead them, unlike dictatorship we have no choice at all and whoever disobeys will surely face consequences. We are free to choose but of course, the majority of votes will be held as the winner.

Word Root of politics. The Greek word polis, meaning “city” or “community,” and the related word polītēs, meaning “citizen,” give us the roots polis and polit. Words from Greek polis. Politics is the science and art of governing citizens.

Politics is simply an art of governing but the problem lies on those who govern who are corrupt and dirty-handed. They tainted the clean essence of politics.

Democracy is the political manifestation of the bandwagon fallacy, and has nothing whatsoever to do with choosing leadership. I know the root Greek word, but rulership destroys communities, and plunder is antithetical to the concept of society. Government is by definition a territorial monopoly in violence, and the perverse incentives of power guarantee corruption and abuse.

I do not have the authority to rule you. Our spheres of authority are limited by our reciprocal rights to life, liberty, and property. I cannot delegate to some third party any authority I do not have in the first place. How then can the democratic process give politicians the authority to tax, impose arbitrary laws against non-crimes, wage wars, or do any of the other things governments do? Just because 50%+1 if the populace engages n a voting ritual every few years? There isn't even an agent/principal relationship between those who voted for the winner, so how does a politician represent anyone else either?

It is because I support the idea of community that I oppose politics as a means to further it.

It would be nice if democracy meant anything at all in modern contexts. I agree with a lot of the same stuff you have probably read or think, glad to see others on steemit with some insight into how everything is just a veneer to cover up state-sanctioned violence to maintain power over people and resources. Like, damn, most in the West really think their purchasing power is a result of their own efforts. Must be hard for them to contain that growing cognitive dissonance when they realize raw materials are plundered from the world over for their creature comforts.

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