Pete smart, Elizabeth not so much

in #politics3 years ago

While I do think that Mayor Pete jumped the gun on this and should have at least waited until after super Tuesday to throw in the towel, he bowed out of the Presidential race today. The writing was on the wall that he was not going to be the nominee and I suppose he is intelligent enough to know when to give up and that was precisely what he did.

Not everyone is so sensible though:


Elizabeth Warren, who has finished far behind Mayor Pete Buttigieg in almost all of the primaries and caucuses (behind most everyone else also) is refusing to hang it up and drop out. In the upcoming super Tuesday votes, the statisticians (who I tend to think are full of S**T anyway) don't have her slated to win a single one of them including her home state of Massachusetts where a Sanders victory is predicted. Her campaign is out of money and she has had to quietly backpedal on her promise to not accept any PAC money (she made this promise after already taking PAC money and then later reverting and is taking said money again.)


Even though I think most of her plans are bonkers, she does present herself in a more composed way than a lot of the people on the stage during the debates - which by the way I think are pretty embarrassing overall for everyone involved. She presents her points in a coherent manner, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other people on stage, especially Joe "150 million gun deaths" Biden - who I believe will end up as the eventual nominee after the DNC screws over Bernie a second time.

Despite all this, the Democrat party all but ignores her and she get very little support from the public or the media. Now why is that? I don't know and I am not going to dig into it. However, I can't really imagine any particularly good reason for her to remain in the fray. Perhaps she is sticking around in the hopes that she is going to get a VP nod from Sanders or Biden.

Basically, this news is dumb because there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that Warren is going to be the nominee yet people and PAC's keep giving her money for some reason. No candidate has EVER ended up with the nomination after failing to win any of the first 5 primaries / caucuses. I wonder, if after she fails to carry a single state on Tuesday, if she will finally let it go and drop out. Time will tell!



Because I am a pessimist, I figured Biden would be the nominee no matter what once he dropped his establishment hat in the ring. It was just a question of which path he was going to take to get there.

There a likely a lot of people, including me, that thought the exact same thing. I'm just hoping that the general population is able to see "the fix" for what it is.

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