Government doesn't unify people, it divides them

in #politics5 months ago

I wonder why so many people seem to be under the impression that political government unifies people. The opposite seems to be the case, and it seems obvious to me.

When I see people suggesting a global government, the excuse they often use is that it would "unite humanity". Well, it would give us a common enemy, but I don't think that's the idea they are pushing.

Political government divides. Whether it is two opposing governments dividing the people living under each, or one government dividing the people it seeks to rule. In the second case it makes me feel at odds with others who want to use that government to violate me in various ways. If I were political, it would make me believe I need to use that government against them in defense.

I can govern myself just fine. I don't feel the need to govern you. If this is a problem which needs to be solved by imposing the same political government on us both, I guess I'm on the wrong side.

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Unity first starts small in local communities. A farming community, as an example, can come together especially during times of natural disasters to ensure their farms are protected. Governments would likely fine them for even trying.

Government is always try to rule over the people, there is no fuctional issue anout global government, people's are making themselves on freaky ideas!

The division is what keeps the establishment in power, that is how they grow and keep their influence.