I understand and empathise with your frustration. You can add some facts to that list:
He is the worst president in US history.
He is one of the biggest pieces of shit of a human being (there are several contenders for that one, past and present)
He is playing a major role in the deterioration of the integrity and cohesiveness of the United States as well as the world.

I 100% agree with you - I could spend hours typing all the ways the orange clown is f'n up America...

Don't stop now! I'm just getting the popcorn ready.

i support This type of president like as Donald Trump..
He just a man of a word..He never use one word of mislanguage
He just talk the sicret word which he do..
He is different from other president because others don't talk about the secret but he talk..
is that bad for trump?

Im not entirely sure what to make out of all that babble... Forgive me If your not a native English speaker, but my response at this point has to be - HUH...

8- HIghest DJI in all time history.
Don't let the media confuse you, markets are healthier than ever because Trump is doing a good job

I think you are the one who is confused... The stock market has very little to do with the president or his golfing...

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