Closer To The Truth... Part II

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Partisan Politics or Seeking The Truth...

Yesterday I ended my post with a proclamation of sorts - “Donald Trump is owned by Vladimir Putin”. I didn’t ask the question is he owned, or was he owned, or maybe he’s owned, or any other indirect mumbo jumbo.

I said DONALD TRUMP IS OWNED BY VLADIMIR PUTIN, and I stand by my assertion.

The unfortunate truth will come out, and I only hope it’s not after the total destruction of the American government.

  • Can anyone name the last 5 things Donald Trump did that would normally be career ending to any politician?
  • Can any Trump supporter give a reason for NOT investigating Russia’s interference with the 2016 election?
  • Can anyone give me statistics on the cost of US sanctions on Russia’s oil and gas industry?
  • Can anyone give me their congressional district and their elected representatives?

These four questions, however boring to the average Jane and Joe, are unbelievably important if we are ever to find out the truth about what happened in 2016, unfortunately I would be surprised if 1 in 100 people could answer even one of them.

Case In Point...

Image Source

There is no doubt in my mind that under normal circumstances this particular story would be devastating to any politician – but with Trump it’s just next. The President has sex with a porn actress while his wife was pregnant, one of his minion’s forms a shell company in which to make a $130,000 payoff to the woman for her silence, and this all happens two weeks before the 2016 election.

Regardless of the legality, it is definitely one of the more ignorant and morally bankrupt things on his resume, and as disgusting as it is, it will be a trivial matter compared to what is about to come out regarding his dealings with Vladimir Putin and Russia. This story is however case in point to highlight how he has succeeded spectacularly in the first year by numbing religious and evangelical leaders, numbing republicans, numbing conservatives, and corrupting everybody that has come into contact with him.

I do believe that when the treasonous things do come out, and we find out the truth of what really happened in the 2016 election, and what Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump, that the American people will stand up for their core beliefs and say “no more”. Whether it be four months from now, seven months from now, or a year from now, it will be so prolific that not a single American will be able to ignore it – the revelation that the President of the United States has conspired with the Russians to not only diminish American standing in the world, which is happening, but to destroy American institutions from within.

Another point to consider in all this…


How often have we heard these things over the last year:

… don’t trust the intelligence agencies.
…the FBI is in tatters.
…the CIA is perpetrating a “deep state” conspiracy against the president.
…these text messages are bigger than Watergate.
…who can you trust – certainly not the people investigating the president.

Why would the President of the United States endorse actions that are so corrosive to some of our most important institutions? The short and simple answer is that these are all part of an incredible disinformation campaign being waged against the American people.

When all the agencies who are conducting investigations finally present their findings about Donald Trump’s treasonous acts - both before and after being elected president, the seed of doubt will have already been planted - at least that's what he's hopping for.

Seeds Of Doubt...

Image Source
Who did Trump go after before he was even elected President of the United States? He attacked the intelligence community - he was well aware that he would have to discredit his own intelligence apparatus, because he knew the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and 15 other agencies charged with protecting American’s, all have information on his past dealings with Russia. I would also think they continue to accumulate more damming information as time goes on.

So what does Donald Trump do to prevent this incredibly damming truth from coming out? He does exactly what we see happening every day - he does everything possible to discredit all of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies whenever there is the opportunity. He continuously and relentlessly tells the American people not to trust the source of the information, whether it be the CIA, FBI, NSA, or the press.

The message is broadcast loud and clear for everyone who will listen, and we’ve been seeing it 24 hours a day through Trump TV (aka Fox News), and from the sycophant talking heads he charged with spreading the message around (aka his accomplices), and thereby the seeds of doubt he planted last year, continue to grow and he is able to hide the truth – whatever it may be.

Thanks for reading - I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments...


It's both frustrating and interesting to watch what happens in American politics, and especially the relationship with the press. This election I have become increasingly aware of the absolute power of messaging (applies to business, also). To say I have not noticed it before is an attestation to the accuracy of your assertion that most people aren't paying attention at all to government. Even less are involved and that in itself is both sad and strange. In my foreign travels, I've found that (especially) Europeans know more about our government and political processes than we do. But back to messaging--I think the current president once stated that he could fire-off a gun in a crowded place and no one would care. It seems he is right. Sigh.

How right you are... Your comparison to other parts of the world is spot on - likely because they have seen the effects of tyrannical governments up close. When they see how uninvolved Americans are in the political process, it's unimaginable to them - especially in South and Central America...

I think the quote was "I could shoot someone walking down 5th Avenue" and unfortunately - he probably could...

The pendulum of American politics swings far and wide. I'm sure others will largely disagree with me, but it seems that we had peace and tranquility for 8 years (okay, except that drone strike thing) for 8 years, and now we have a media circus over bizarre things (tweets, porn stars, etc) designed to move our attention away from the larger issue of the Russian probe. Funny how that works....

"these are all part of an incredible disinformation campaign being waged against the American people."

I agree again with this. But I again say..... "American politics and politicians have been f'n broken for 20 years. Funny how in this past election HC, the next most successful liar also almost became president. And she learned (or taught) all her tricks from/to good ole Bill. And the GB's and how can anyone say Big O was without his lies and corruption.

If you(anyone) doesnt believe in god before.... The current political situation... And whatever the meltdown will be... May end up proving there is a god via his judgment on America for ignoring the lies and degredation for so long. But you dont have to.

Whether by this crazy scandalous plot et al...
Or by the downward spiral we have lived in for 20+ years. It is bad news for Murica!

I think you are speaking the truth. However, am thinking of agreeing with you, on your assertion of Donald Trump being owned by Putin. But am not that much of a political person so i cant really say🙊

I generally don't watch the news. Or listen. I have a podcast or 5 that I will listen to off and on. But the news gives me the runs.

I, like you, just hope the truth comes out and the good men and women of this nation stand up and respond appropriately!!

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