Should Trump Replace Pence for 2020 Campaign?

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Should Trump Replace Pence for 2020 Campaign?

Should Trump Replace Pence for 2020 Campaign?

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No, as that can create other problems, unless if Pence becomes too much like McCain, Paul Ryan, etc. If Pence is doing what Americans want Pence to do as a vice president, then that is good. But that is of course a debate. If Pence is helping Soros and others too much, too often, then people need to expose Pence as much as possible so we can tell Trump that Pence is helping Globalism too much. Trump has helped globalism by endorsing 5G and that is a problem as well. We got to find ways to tell Trump what we want from him as much as possible. When Trump does what we don't like, we have to make videos about it. We have to talk about it. Trump should talk about Big Pharma, geoengineering, etc. Trump should promote Steemit, cryptocurrencies, Bit Torrent, P2P, homeschooling, off-grid farming, solar power, etc. I don't know how bad Pence is. I don't know enough about Pence to really know.



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