BOMBSHELL: Michael Flynn Planned to "Rip Up" Russian Sanctions

in politics •  11 months ago

Drip, drip, drip, it keeps getting worse...what will we know in 3 months, given how much we're learning every 24 hours?

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The best part is his giddy grin while texting.

DAVID: you need to debate/interview/hash things out w/ Kyle from Secular Talk on Trump-Russia

Given some of the different conspiracy theories I've heard people pass around, I'm not convinced he didn't think he was suddenly a part of the "elites" and could get away with all kinds of things by definition.

Just look at some of the Obama conspiracy theories, or the George Bush era theories. it always has some high class of unaccountable figureheads.

are you a reporter? sorry i'm out of fokus, but i think this is great ideas to make our own news channel and share it in steemit. thank you very much for the thought. it's inspiring me so much

Is anybody really surprised at this point?

Have to disagree on this one. 4 star General, most decorated. There is more to this story for sure. He always talked as a patriot.