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RE: Closer To The Truth... Part II

in #politics3 years ago

It's both frustrating and interesting to watch what happens in American politics, and especially the relationship with the press. This election I have become increasingly aware of the absolute power of messaging (applies to business, also). To say I have not noticed it before is an attestation to the accuracy of your assertion that most people aren't paying attention at all to government. Even less are involved and that in itself is both sad and strange. In my foreign travels, I've found that (especially) Europeans know more about our government and political processes than we do. But back to messaging--I think the current president once stated that he could fire-off a gun in a crowded place and no one would care. It seems he is right. Sigh.


How right you are... Your comparison to other parts of the world is spot on - likely because they have seen the effects of tyrannical governments up close. When they see how uninvolved Americans are in the political process, it's unimaginable to them - especially in South and Central America...

I think the quote was "I could shoot someone walking down 5th Avenue" and unfortunately - he probably could...

The pendulum of American politics swings far and wide. I'm sure others will largely disagree with me, but it seems that we had peace and tranquility for 8 years (okay, except that drone strike thing) for 8 years, and now we have a media circus over bizarre things (tweets, porn stars, etc) designed to move our attention away from the larger issue of the Russian probe. Funny how that works....

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