Where are the civil libertarians?? Anyone still believe in the rule of law?

in politics •  19 days ago


It was not long ago when ACLU, EFF, and other organizations decried the misuse of intelligence apparatus against U.S. citizens. Where are they now?? It is pretty clear that Carter Page was used as a stooge by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in order to obtain authority to spy on the Trump campaign. He apparently did nothing worse than volunteer his foreign policy "expertise" to the campaign. Feel free to question his judgment ... but where is the outrage at using the DNC-concocted Steele dossier to commence a federal investigation against an innocent man as a pretext to start wire-taping and unmasking U.S. citizens?? When is this misconduct going to be investigated (DOJ IG and U.S. Atty Huber are just waiting out the clock)?? Where are the whistle-blowers outraged at the destruction of the FBI and DOJ reputations? Where is Elliot Ness when we need him?

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