Going Rogue: Sayonara John Bolton, Adios ThinkProgress, and MSM Shenanigans

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We're back with another episode of Going Rogue in both video and audio formats. We discuss the exit of war pterodactyl John Bolton, the sleaziness of the Center for American Progress, MSM election manipulation, real magic and more.




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Mother nature releases most of the CO2 present in the atmosphere through the decay of organic matter. In turn, most of this CO2 is absorbed by the oceans, plants and trees. Through this release and absorption process, nature has maintained a delicate balance in the CO2 concentration at roughly 300 parts-per-million (ppm) for thousands of years.
And the Earths's average temps have also remained fairly stable over the same time period.

Electric power plants (coal and gas), cars, trucks, ships, trains, and aircraft are releasing about 100 million tons of additional carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere daily, and this added CO2 accumulates year after year. To make matters worse, humans have also cut down over a trillion trees, so less CO2 is being absorbed by nature. Overall, this human activity has caused the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere to increase to about 415 ppm and rising fast.

CO2 is a 'greenhouse' gas, which means it absorbs and retains heat. Methane, and water vapor (humidity) in the air and clouds are also greenhouse gases. Without enough of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the ambient air temperature would turn freezing cold at night when the sun goes down.

But, we have just the opposite problem. There's too much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and it's increasing rapidly as our populations increase. The production of goods and services for the population (electricity, cars, food, etc) grows as the population grows, producing more CO2 and methane emissions. The worldwide climate is warming, causing changes in the jet stream and ocean currents, which in turn lead to extreme and erratic weather events, droughts, farm crop losses, and melting glaciers and polar ice.

The oceans are also warming and acidifying as they absorb more CO2 and heat from the atmosphere, and this is probably the most concerning aspect of climate warming. The heat capacity of water is very high, so ocean temps have remained stable even as it absorbed more heat. No doubt the oceans have slowed down climate warming for decades.

But now, the oceans are saturated with heat and are warming rapidly and there's no stopping it. The warming and acidifying oceans are destroying sea life and melting the polar ice caps, and self-reinforcing feedback loops have started, ie the loss of ice leads to more ocean warming, which in turn leads to more ice melting, and so on. In short, climate warming is now accelerating out-of-control.

The old saying, "life is not fair" is a harsh reality when we look at climate change. The less-developed regions of the world contribute relatively little to climate change, but will be hardest hit. The more developed and wealthy regions of North America, Europe, and Asia contribute an overwhelming amount to climate change, but will suffer the least. However, rest assured, if nothing is done to slow climate warming, all life on Earth will be seriously impacted.

The problem is that the climate scientists are not good at publicizing their warnings about climate change. And the fossil fuel interests have been fighting tooth and nail against any action that will cut into their profits or even threaten their existence. The technology needed to deal with climate change exists. We need to start retrofitting electric power plants (coal and gas only) with carbon capture modifications. At the same time, we need to build carbon removal plants at many locations around the world. Yes, it will cost trillions of dollars over decades, but the cost of inaction will be much greater. We just need the politicians to act, but they won't until enough people wake up and push for action. Greta is carrying and publicizing the climate scientists' message, and waking up people. I think the significance of her efforts cannot be overstated.

Greta's parents were busy pursuing their demanding careers and were unaware of the climate change debate. It was Greta who studied the evidence presented by the climate scientists, and educated her parents and sister on the subject. Greta changed the entire lifestyle of her family. They became environmentally-conscious and vegans. Her mother, an accomplished opera singer, stopped travelling internationally by air, and limited her work to Stockholm. Her father, a writer and actor, has also scaled back his career, and is now heavily involved with Greta's climate activist work. It's been Greta running the show from the beginning. People tend to judge Greta by her youth and unassuming demeanor, and therefore they vastly underestimate her integrity, intellect, maturity, and drive. She is a child in years only.

Well, the protest is located at the root of the problem, that being the WH and its ignorant, arrogant, and stupid resident. The US was the leader in CO2 emissions until China overtook it in recent years. But, China's population is over four times larger, so its per capita CO2 emissions is much lower than the US. The US government needs to take the lead on climate change. It will take trillions of dollars over decades and only governments have that kind of money. But, politicians like Trump will not act unless enough people (voters) wake up to the danger and push for action. Then Trump will realize that his reelection chances may be reduced if he does not act.

And it won't require extreme and unrealistic goals like AOC has been pushing. Such actions will totally collapse the global economy and society. We just need to start by retrofitting electric power plants (coal and gas only) with carbon capture modifications. Yes, it will cost a lot, but not as much as the consequences of inaction. This is doable people, from a technological standpoint. We just need to get the politicians to act, and Greta is doing her level best to do just that. Let's help her out!

The internet is also full of fossil fuel disinformation agents like the Heartland Institute, who discredit climate scientists and activists. Here's how I spot a fossil fuel industry paid liar. First look at his/her background. Is he/she a climate scientist or experienced in a related discipline? If not, forget it, stop listening. Second, does he/she spend a lot of time trying to discredit particular climate scientists, organizations, studies, or activists. This is a judgement call, but if the answer is yes, it's a red flag. Third, does he/she discuss the mountain of empirical evidence that supports the assessment that climate change is an existential threat to all life on Earth. If not, he/she either doesn't know the subject or is deliberately trying to hide or distort the facts.

Several studies I've seen show China (27.2%) , US (14.6%), and India (6.8%) at one, two, and three in annual CO2 emissions. The US was no.1 up until about 15 years ago, when China blew by us, a big part of which was due to US manufacturing corporations moving to China, where labor and pollution control costs are lower. So now, they are polluting over there instead of here. But, we are all in the same boat. Though the US population is much smaller than China's and India's, many people in the US enjoy a higher standard of living. We all drive cars, travel by air, and in general, consume a lot of everything, all of which leads to more CO2 emissions. The average American contributes more than twice the carbon emissions of the average Indian and Chinese person combined. And China and India are running massive programs to deal with pollution, whereas Trump is doing everything he can to roll back US environmental regulations.

I certainly hope we can develop technological solutions to the climate crisis, but it won't happen unless enough people wake up and push for action by our governments. That's where the activists come in - they are waking up people. We need the cooperation of our governments because it will cost big and require new legislation. The climate scientists have defined what needs to be done - we need to reduce our carbon emissions. And engineers and technicians are developing solutions. To see which country has been contributing the most to climate change, look at the link. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/01/how-each-country-s-share-of-global-co2-emissions-changes-over-time/

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This is not about fear-mongering. The science of climate change is VERY dire, unfortunately. It will cost trillions of dollars over decades to effectively deal with climate change and only governments have that kind of money. Electric power plants that burn fossil fuels will have to spend big money to cut CO2 emissions; CO2 removal plants will have to be built all around the world; fossil fuels will have to be gradually phased out and renewal energy infrastructure phased in. And though the US government is well aware of the crisis, it won't act until a massive number of people (voters) wake up to the danger and push for action. Therefore, the climate activists are absolutely trying to persuade more people to join the cause. Without very urgent action, we will see mass migrations away from drought-stricken and flooded regions; famine on a biblical scale; mass extinctions of plants, insects, and animals; and conflicts over the world's remaining resources. All of these effects are well under way, but have not reached a catastrophic level yet. And the longer we wait, the WORSE IT WILL BE.

The fossil fuel interests are spending billions of dollars annually to discredit climate scientists and activists, and spread disinformation. And just because Al Gore is a hypocrite does not necessarily mean his message is false. I'm sure he wants to save his own skin and lavish lifestyle. It's true that the MIC is creating fear and "manufacturing consent" from the public in order to steal a bigger slice of the federal budget, and advance its hegemonic agenda. But, this does not mean the fear of an impending climate catastrophe is being manufactured as well. These are apples and oranges.

Greta is not an authority on climate change, but the climate scientists are. Greta is carrying and publicizing the climate scientists' message. They are not very good at public affairs. Greta has already addressed the United Nations COP24 Climate Summit, the United Kingdom Parliament, the European Union Parliament, the French Parliament and French President Macron, the Italian Senate, the Austrian R20 2019 World Summit, and she's scheduled to address the United Nations Climate Action Summit in NYC on Sept 23, and the United Nations COP25 Climate Summit in Chile in December. She has also given numerous interviews on mainstream media like CBS, the Intercept, Democracy Now!, Good Morning Britain, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and many more. The media knows she's the real deal.

OF COURSE the Earth's climate has been changing naturally over its lifespan. Why even mention that? No one is disputing that. And, it's continuing to change naturally right now, but on top of that, human activity is adding to the climate warming. Natural changes in the climate have occurred over thousands, if not millions, of years. Currently, the climate is warming at roughly 170 times faster than it ever did in the past.

Here's how I determine if I'm listening to an fossil fuel industry paid liar. First look at his/her background. Is he/she a climate scientist or experienced in a related discipline? If not, forget it, stop listening. Second, does he/she spend a lot of time trying to discredit particular climate scientists, organizations, studies, or activists. This is a judgement call, but if the answer is yes, it's a red flag. Third, does he/she discuss the mountain of empirical evidence that supports the assessment that climate change is an existential threat to all life on Earth. If not, he/she either doesn't know the subject or is deliberately trying to hide or distort the facts.

Overpopulation is part of the problem, as is over consumption. It's not about space. There's plenty of space. The problem is the production of goods and services (buildings, food, cars, electricity, etc) for the population is using up the Earth's finite resources and destroying its biosphere due to pollution and climate warming. The larger the population and the more it consumes, the larger the problem. In the US, we all drive, travel by air, enjoy air conditioning, and consume a lot of everything, so our impact on the environment is much higher than say, India, with a population four times larger, but low rates of consumption. China (27.8%), the US (14.7%), and India (6.8%) lead the world in carbon emissions, and so all three need to clean up their acts.

IMO, this is a disinformation and propaganda video. It's factually accurate, but in reference to the climate change debate, it starts lying from the start. Climate change pertains to the entire globe, not just the US. A lot of people forget that. During the 1930's, NATURAL hot spots in the Pacific Ocean contributed to high temps, droughts, and severe wildfires in the US. Also, during this time, the US was still developing its wildfire fighting resources and expertise, basically through the school of hard knocks. Today, the US is a world leader in fighting wildfires, but we are seeing some monster fires, especially in California, which is just coming out of a once-in-a-thousand year drought. Satellite data confirms the Arctic sea ice extent and volume has been nose-diving and will it won't be long before it's gone year round. Sea level rise is threatening island nations such as the Marshall Islands, and the Maldives. The number of days above 90 deg F at Waverly, OH is IRRELEVANT. The table showing the results of a survey of climate scientists and meteorologists was interesting, but I would only look at the top two numbers in the first column, which add up to 88%. It's easy to mislead, pro or con, with statistics and charts, so beware of a video like this that plays with numbers. And if the speaker manipulates the viewer into joining his point-of-view, this is propaganda. Don't fall for it!

The climate scientists record the air temps at many locations throughout the world and calculate an average global temp for the year. There's a graph in the link. Notice how the average global temp in the early 1900's was around 56.0 to 56.5 deg F. And now, its 58.0 to 58.5 deg F. A 2 deg F increase in a hundred years may not seem like much, but compared to natural warming cycles in the Earth's past, this increase is about 170 times faster that ever before. This 2 deg F increase converts to about 1.1 deg C. The climate scientists have designated a target of a 1.5 deg C increase that we need to stay under if we are to avert catastrophic consequences, but since climate warming is accelerating, we are on track to exceed this target in about 8-9 years. https://www.globalchange.gov/browse/multimedia/global-temperature-and-carbon-dioxide