Politics From The Point Of View Of A Pharaoh

in #politics4 years ago

Todays politics and the individual solutions look like the following from the point of view of a pharaoh.


Democracy is just the lesser evil than dictatorship. A strong pharaoh like Echnaton with the support of a strong god like Aton was a great solution to lead a country to prosperity. The important fact is that only the strong force of a God could lead to such a great prosperity like Egypt. However that God left Egypt with Moses because of slavery and decided for the nation of Israel. After the crucifixion of Jesus the jews rejected Jesus as messiah which resulted in even more hopelessness and a new "state" like iron empire of the roman catholic empire. This empire does not rule over the people, leads to prosperity only within its own empire of priests and is strictly limited to actions of prayer until Jesus returns. From a pharaoh perspective there was no progress at all after Moses left Egypt. All that is left is hopelessness and prayer. That final situation is described as iron intermingled with clay of Daniel's dream interpretation in the bible and it becomes more and more clay as people lose their interest in the roman catholic empire. We all can understand that a roman catholic empire (the babylonian harlot) which only takes care of itself and enriched itself with selling of indulgences is uninteresting for the people of this world.

Therefore I personally decided a long time ago to follow a path of real gnosis that leads to transcendence. It is also the main reason why I am not interested in right wing or left wing parties. Both extremes of right wing and left wing paths are paths of hopelessness and basically a moloch.

We wait for the earthly kingdom of Jesus to solve this mess.


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