Liberal college friend who defended protests in Portland has fled Portland

in #politics2 months ago

I can't help but laugh a little bit because of the fact that he still has not changed his stance on how he feels about the city of Portland and is still defending the leaders of that city and the roaming mobs that have terrorized the neighborhoods for months and still continue to do so.

He claims that he left Portland because he was "bored of it" but people who know him there say that he actually left because he is sick of being afraid to leave his downtown apartment.


He started out being in support of the protesters, I don't remember exactly what they were protesting at the time but part of it was Anti-Trumpism and this friend of mine was one of those people who had a rather severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The nightly destruction and in particular that assault on the Federal courthouse was something my friend was in support of, especially after Trump sent in federal troops to protect the building.

After Trump was defeated in the November 2020 election, his opinion of the protests started to wane a little bit. It is almost as though his support of these groups may have actually had something to do with the fact that they were an anti-Trump mob and he would be in support of anything that those people were doing.


After November his daily badgering on FB and IG as far as the protests (they were riots, we all know they were riots) started to take a dramatic turn as his support started to fade.

Rather than state what he really felt, which was that he was tired of being held hostage in his own house as he was afraid to leave, he just did what the media did and stopped talking about it at all.... This is what liberals always do when their side is at fault. When it can't be blamed on someone else anymore, they just stop talking about it.

There is no denying who is responsible for the problems in Portland this entire time and guess what? It isn't the Proud Boys.

By the time Biden was inaugurated my friend had all but disappeared from social media and his job as being an activist political pundit had come to an end, particularly in regards to the protests and riots in Portland that were still going on on a regular basis. As it turns out these lunatics aren't actually protesting Trump, or anything in particular - they just like wrecking shit I guess.


In the past week my friend, who is quite wealthy and runs his own online business and can live anywhere he wants, quietly moved to Nevada - a place that not only doesn't have psycho mobs running the streets but also has very lax Covid restrictions. He claims it was just an "arbitrary choice and he was just bored of Portland" but come on buddy, we all know what is really going on here: You, just like a majority of my few remaining liberal friends are incapable of being critical or even objective about anything that can be considered leftist.

You RAN AWAY from Portland because it has become a violet shithole, you didn't leave because it was all of a sudden boring. Your lack of honesty is something I see in liberals on a regular basis. There is no denying what the problem is in Portland: It is liberal leadership doing liberal things allowing liberal thugs to run amok in the streets.

Do us all a favor while you are in Nevada ok (and this applies to the Californians fleeing to Texas) leave your liberal ideas that turned the states you just ran away from back in those states. Don't turn other states into the dumps that you helped create back at your old spots.