Government: We'll defund the police while at the same time use tax money for our own private security

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At least that seems to be the way that things work in Minneapolis where the city council unanimously voted to get rid of the police force because of the actions of one officer.

It didn't take very long for the very people who are in charge of making these decisions to exhibit a new level of hypocrisy when it was revealed that while the population of Minneapolis is currently doing without a lot of police protection, but this isn't going to apply to the city council people themselves.


Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham are just two of the city council members who are demanding that the city completely dismantle their police force, while at the same time securing themselves with a private and armed security detail that costs $4,500 a DAY to have. It would be one thing if they were paying for this out of their own pockets but do you think they would do that? Of course not, they are taking it out of the tax coffers of the city of Minneapolis.

It is almost as though they knew this crticism would come (and it should) because they immediately tried to blame the fact that they have this security on white people. Jenkins, who is biologically a man but identifies as a woman stated the security was necessary because of “the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving.” Please understand that the parenthesis are on "nationalist(s)" in that quote because Jenkins did not make the word plural in her statement. This is the sort of leadership that this city elected.

The thing that gets me is that these leaders and the almost exclusively Democrat leaders that came before them are the group that is directly responsible for the state the police force is in but somehow it is someone else's fault that it was "rotten to the core," a notion that I do not believe. I have been to Minneapolis on multiple occasions and up until recently, I found it to be a pretty wonderful and safe place.


After the leaders of the city stood down and basically allowed the mobs to loot, riot, burn, and indiscriminately destroy the city. These council-people have the nerve to do away with the security of the common man while using tax money to have professional and personal security services just for themselves - and if you live in Minneapolis, you get to pay for it while having none of the security for yourself! Sounds awesome!

Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota have some pretty (by my standards) open gun laws so I would be willing to bet that we are going to see a dramatic increase in the amount of private citizens that take the law into their own hands in the not too distant future.

If you look at a political map of Minnesota, the state is overwhelmingly conservative and/or Republican with the exception being Minneapolis. This is actually very common in almost every state including North Carolina. I wonder if the glaring hypocrisy of the leadership in Minneapolis will perhaps open a few eyes of the inhabitants of that city and perhaps they can start to realize that the people that are claiming to be the leaders that can save the population, are actually the people that are responsible for the problems that the city is currently facing.


it will be interesting to see how they explain this one away. I see they already tried to blame it on the white nationalists. Next up will likely be because of the lack of gun control or something else untrue and completely left-wing

the press successfully buried this one. 3 days later and zero talk about it. They are in on it together.

There are reports of council people or it might have been the mayor in L.A. doing exactly the same thing.

soon it will be in every liberal city. wait for it

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