Fake racism outrage in North Carolina over a water-fountain

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When you call everything racist for a couple of years and then people start inventing racist situations out of nothing in order to get attention for themselves and then have a group that will protest and riot over any perception of racism people start to get a bit desensitized.

Recently, a sign above a drinking fountain, which was almost certainly placed there on purpose got a rise out of people and even outraged a couple of other, presumably very very stupid individuals.


This is something that came out of Piedmont High School in North Carolina which it isn't even surprising is an area close to Charlotte where they have very different ideals than where I live or where most people live in North Carolina. That is to say, they are one of the few "blue" areas of the state.

The high school colors are blue and white and this sign was something that the cheerleaders use to i guess get people excited at football games. There is no evidence to indicate how it ended up on a drinking fountain but I'd be willing to bet that the sequence of events went like this

  • Someone thought it would be funny to put it on the drinking fountain (because it is funny)
  • Some students took photos of it
  • Some other students decided to get some attention by trying to turn it into an actual issue
  • Some parents also wanted attention so they feign outrage at the "racist" event


Segregated water fountains were a real thing.... back before they had color photographs... but it hasn't been a thing for a very very long time and to anyone with even a minor amount of intelligence, this was obviously not a racism thing - it was a humor thing or a bunch of people that desperately want attention on the internet thing. It's kind of like Jussie Smollett was being "attacked by racists" in Chicago which everyone knows didn't really happen.

Thankfully in his situation it had the opposite effect and tanked his acting career and got him fired from the one job that he did have. I hope the same thing happens to whoever decided to try to make this water fountain thing a big deal online as well.

When people try to make everything racist the population becomes so desensitized to the constant whining that when actual racism rears its ugly head people won't even pay any attention to it. It's the modern-day "Boy who cried wolf* but on a national scale.


I don't think that racism is very widespread at all. However, I do think that the United States' obsession with it is a mental disorder that is brought on by this very insane need that people have these days to be some sort of internet star. Whether or not the thing they are talking is true or not doesn't seem to matter.

Oh and who uses public water fountains anyway? That's just disgusting.


I once saw someone (Twitter?) say that, because the demand for racist acts is so strong, people have to create a supply