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This is what a true PATRIOT looks like USA USA USA

in politics •  2 months ago  (edited)

I’m so happy you imported so many. Hopefully it will bring you Shariah Zones and eventually a civil war. Nice pattern if you follow it.

I see.. you want.. NEED Israel to be the villain to absolve your father from being a Nazi sympathizer. Got it!


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i could slap you for this. how dare you call my father a nazi sympathizer.

you twisted little shit, this is not about making someone a villain its about being willing to make compromises and stick to those compromises to live peacefully side by side. only an animal would be so cold about killing people. you make me sick.

also there will never be shariah law in germany, and any sane muslims also would not want sharia. sharia law is an excuse for regimes like saudi or iran to punish people harshly that are not in line with their regime.

Jordan was the 8Emirate of Transjordan](, a separate brittish colony.

Go fuck your self im done with trying to talk common sense to you. You would not listen to common sense even when it slapped with its dick right across your face.


hit a raw nerve ehhhhh? Boo hoo.. keep paying for your father’s crimes. I guess you are the real neo nazi.. being the son of a nazi sympathizer. You want to finish Hitlers work by going against Israel! Like father like son ! Enjoy your Shariah Zones!! Hahahahahbah