US Politician Joe Biden attacking Gay Marriage!

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US politicians are the best example to describe hypocrisy, opportunism, and the behavior of sheer sinister minds in power, Joe Biden spent decades as a policymaker in the USA affecting his country's domestic and foreign policies and progressing in his career not based on moral or humanitarian principles, rather on the evilest ones including flip-flopping on basic laws when he deemed it's in his benefits, gay marriage is one of them.

To understand the policies of Joe Biden one needs to link the strings, he might have believed in his earlier days that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman as he explains in the above interview, however, being a Zionist and learning the teachings of this anti-God ideology, he embraced everything that contradicts the Ten Commandments.

Joe Biden has been a top leading figure, if not the top leading figure in the US Democrat Party for the best of the last century, the party that pushes for liberalism on the account of religious values to the extent they follow liberalism as a religion and they are engaged in a new crusade, a holy religion war, a jihad against the rest of the world to force-export their anti-God religion.

Zionism is a criminal satanic ideology, anybody telling you otherwise is fooling you either by will or by ignorance, there is nothing in Zionism that serves Judaism, they use Judaism and the simple-minded masses of Jews to benefit their goals including the creation of proxy terrorist groups exactly like how the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia and Qatar used Wahhabism against Islam and the simple-minded Muslims to create al Qaeda and ISIS.

ISIS and Al Qaeda are the creation of Wahhabism, Wahhabism is the creation of the same parties that invented Zionism and nourished both of them, those in control of the British empire who controls the United States and much of the European Union now including its military force known as NATO, it's a cult and a very dangerous one.

Those liberals who the Zionist Joe Biden is leading believe and promote free speech as long as its narrative is controlled by them, and critical thinking against their narrative is strongly suppressed by them, they believe in personal rights as long as it contradicts the Ten Commandments.

Honour thy father and thy mother: They push for independence and the state's control of affairs against the parents to protect the children. They want to convince you that some foreign workers for social affairs are more concerned about your children than you are. There are exceptions where a parent or both are abusive but that's not the base, those are exceptions.

Thou shalt not murder: In self-defense you can; how many times the United States or Britain were invaded by a foreign country vs. how many wars they were engaged in and thousands of miles far from their lands, how many people were murdered by them in those wars, and how many wars they started and ignited without their direct involvement? How many millions of people were murdered in those conflicts, strife, and direct invasions they waged?

Thou shalt not commit adultery: The very definition of 'single mothers' has been altered from a woman whose husband is absent because of death or simply fleeing the family to committing adultery to bring bastard children into life out of marriage! Think about it. It's the personal freedom of the individuals to have sex without marriage to the extent they ridicule their teenagers who are still virgins. They're literally destroying the families and promoting policies against the norms of nature, males and females genders.

Thou shalt not steal: Ask the people of the countries invaded by the USA and Britain, and most of the European countries, currently the US army is stealing Syrian oil and wheat, the collective NATO member states are plundering Libya's oil, the US corporations are plundering Iraq's oil after looting dry the country when the USA and the UK invaded it, and count the other countries. How much money from financial scams was run in the west and the scammers were protected by the politicians?

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor: How about fabricating false claims to justify wars, lockdowns, seizure of properties, and all sorts of interventions?

The above are enforced by those currently controlling the West and they have tried to force other countries around the globe to adopt their 'western values' against the beliefs and cultures of other people.

These are what the Zionists are pushing for, Biden has repeatedly said he is a Zionist, he also said one need not be a Jew to be a Zionist, the neocons during the Bush Jr. era were called Zionist Christians, and the policies pushed by the neocons when they were in power are pushed by the so-called liberals when they came to power, it's the same policies preached by the Zionists who control the western mainstream media, banks and financial institutions, military, major industries, and most dangerously the judicial systems.

Unless one is able to break down the bigger picture and follow the leads, he will remain lost in the details.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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