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We are still waiting for the Western countries and their proxies who invaded Libya in 2011 under the fake claims to 'protect its people' from their own army to show their support now after the deadliest storm submerged entire neighborhoods and killed thousands of people, the Western countries claim they care of.


In 2011, member countries of the NATO 'defensive' alliance waged an unprovoked war and later invaded Libya, the country that was described as the Jewel of Africa, under the pretext of protecting its people from the army of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi after Arab Spring protests in some cities we later learned were instigated by no other than the US's democracy exporting firms: the CIA and its affiliates in the US State Department, the likes of NED and USAID.


The NATO 'defensive' alliance countries with their proxies managed to invade Libya, kill thousands of its people whom they came to rescue, looted much of the country's gold, and artifacts, and took control of its main oil wells... that much the care ended.

Soon enough, Libya would become the world's hub for exporting terrorism to the extent a US ambassador was killed by one of the terrorist groups his country's CIA was commanding while facilitating the transfer of weapons and terrorists from Libya to Syria via NATO member state Turkey.

Libya, the most prosperous country in Africa before the US-led NATO-enforced democracy turned into a failed state, a launchpad for illegal immigrants heading to Europe, terrorism heading to regional countries from Syria and Iraq in the east to Europe in the north, Niger, Chad, and the rest of Central Africa in the south.

Open slave markets were thriving, and the democracy was brewing the finest wine the Western 'elitists' desire from dead bodies: WARNING - GRAPHIC: Libyan Arab Spring Making Wine from Dead Human Bodies.

Let's forget the past 12 years, where are the countries that invaded Libya to 'save its people' now after Daniel Storm struck it? Why can't we see any banners, social media campaigns, calls on Western mainstream media to help those people, and Western politicians flooding the world's political arenas with their crocodile tears for the Libyans?

Saving the victims of a natural disaster is much cheaper than mobilizing navy fleets and armies to invade a country, except that saving those victims does not generate income for the Western weapons manufacturers, banksters, and oil conglomerates running those Western fake 'democracies.'

They Only Unite to Destroy Our Countries

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