Hillary Clinton Saga- Evidence for a 2nd body double used at the Greensboro NC rally

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Below you can watch a presentation regarding the likely use of a Clinton bodydouble at her rally in Greensboro, NC.  This body double is a separate person from both Hillary Clinton as well as a separate body double that was used to impersonate her after leaving Chelsea Clinton's apartment/home health care clinic.  The whereabouts and well being of the actual HRC remains unknown.


Hillary Pre 9/11 collapse (note the light/dark blue eyes)

First body double after leaving Chelsea's apartment/home health care clinic

3rd Hillary (2nd double, not blue eyes)

eyes are clearly not piecing blue.

What happened to her blue eyes?  Looks younger, almost no wrinkles, where are the creases in the neck or the checks like a joker's smile?

Actual Clinton in the same shirt photoshopped onto the plane image

Rally shots

Rally side view

photoshopped rally image

Previous Clinton green screen usage

Clinton footage from 9/5 hacking, but the real her

Painful to watch photoshopped Greensboro, NC speech


Great post - I thought she had a body double, but until now I wasn't thinking she had two. Now I am!

This is one of those Steemit posts where I'm thinking "worth more than 3 cents" but that's just my two cents worth...

Notes for the video
2 sets, young people with cameras are added in
31 no flags, back of people
34 intentionally cover the phone that shows the best shot of nothing
42 no one looks at Hillary
42 camera guy follows her
56 volume change
Black screen dot
113 neck
127 paper moves, 134, 248 655, 1136, 1919, 1921
245 “you’re looking good” 346, 351 shouting
4,17 left fingers spread, 4:19 right fingers spread
4:55 hands
5:46 , 551 separate takes 841
6:32 black dude in the shot 724 stops filming
17:04 laugh track abruptly ends
18:16 shaking it at the right points
20:12 sounds
Pixilated lines in the background like the thing got processed rather than shot
23:44 walking off screen
23:47 cameraman doesn’t care
23:58 cell phone taking a picture of nothing
24:48 reaches out to touch nothing
24:50 phone captures nothing

It's a well known fact that the lizard people have been in control of the White House for some time.

They are not Hilary double they are actually different Lizard people shape shifting. They all want a turn being Hilary. It's most popular ride in the park.

There are a surprisingly large number of people that believe that. I'm indifferent. Either way she helps kill dark skinned people in third world countries for their resources. Not a fan.

Does Trump Have A Clone Too?

his hair does

LOL, Holy Mimicry Batman! How can we stop the Khazarian mimic mafia when they all look like Hillary?

Really great analysis! I've been wondering if she had a double and I believe you've closed the gap on my wondering. Most certainly my needle moved in your direction where I agree with you that Hillary most certainly has a double. Thanks for the posting.