Campaigning for Obama is quite obnoxious!

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Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Really sorry .. this is life
God will not oppress anyone, and all have a chance
Thank you for sharing your experience with us...

All I can say is that voters are the king and they vote and select leaders they probably have chosen their best

This is a constant problem with talking to anyone from the left, they have no answers. Once they are met with facts or conflicting data the just "reeeeee", get violent, or run away. You have to be a brave person to confront these people, they are probably more prone to lashing out at someone than going to the most high crime areas in an inner city.

Exactly! Plenty of examples of them in the following video

But one doozy starting at the 8:52 mark...

I could tell she was a democrat from that hat, that's a democrat hat.

It's easier to con someone than convince them that they've been conned.

..and government is the master of the con

People working for the puppets. Horrible. They still do not get it.

I don't know why but i really liked that hat. what do you think @adamkokesh ?

I'm so glad that we don't have to listen to Mr. Obama or his minions anymore. I would love to see you become our next president, but with our current system I don't have much hope that you could beat it. It is way past time for change in Washington, D.C. Our founding fathers certainly didn't want our government to be run the way it is today.

They wanted the citizens to have as much freedom as possible with minimal interference from government. It wasn't perfect but it was a beautiful plan. It's too bad that we didn't listen when Benjamin Franklin told us that we had a Republic, if only we could keep it.

sadly, I believe Franklin knew we didn't have a chance of keeping it... I bet you enjoyed this when you first saw it....

Yes, I loved this movie and you're right. I doubt Franklin thought we would maintain a true constitutional Republic for long. He was too great a student of history.

well, if Franklin KNEW it would be a problem, why didn't he side with Jefferson, Henry and the rest of the Anti-Federalists? In effect, Mr. Kokesh is challenging us to return to 1783 and use a "do over" opportunity while it would still be peaceful to do so.

I think Kokesh has a good idea. I would love to see it happen.

Allow me to pass this on, so you can let it explain to your friends and other associates all the benefits.

OK, I will check it out.

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I agree with you if you want to be elected. Keep the spirit.
You have a good perspective on politics,
I'm very happy to have joined you @adamkokesh
and I have shared your video @adamkokesh
Good luck.

Saluuute with your promotion to be a president, but I'm from indonesia not understad Why with federal @adamkokesh ?? The American have been with federal rules for a long time. Altought that, I agree with you if want to be elected. Keep spirit.


“We’re going to have to redesign the social compact,” Obama said. “And I know how to build a bridge to that new social compact.”

Vamos democret

Glad to see dtube getting used more and more.

I'm also in the libertarian camp (well, I'm probably more freedom oriented than even most libertarians), and would like the government to be "rebooted" or dissolved.

But playing devil's advocate, what would be the best way to "blockchain"-ify dealing with what the government has a corporate monopoly over, of "physical force"? They (unfortunately) control nukes, drones, weapons, etc. and I don't suspect that people will just peacefully hand over guns in exchange for cryptocurrency and utopian world peace (sadly, not everybody wants that).

So how do we handle that?

Also, I'm new to steem, and I'm not exactly sure how this all works. Any pointers from more experienced users?

I can help you with the first part of your request. The question is in regard to doing something once we get past the delusion of them handing over their power peacefully, correct? Adam is directing us to look towards local governance (or anarcho experimentation through building community via agorism). May I direct your attention to the LP candidate for Gov., Patrick Smith. He is taking Adam's "Split 50!" concept down to the state level... basically cloning it. So what to do at the county level, assuming one wants to maintain "cops, courts and clerks"???
Introducing Andy "petition" Jacobs of Libertarian Revolution YT channel. Here's a good start:

Inspiring, as always you have a good point of view regarding politics

Love the way you question these people. You can immediately spot their discomfort through their facial expressions and body language which displays the cognitive dissonance taking place in their minds due to the incompatible set of beliefs they own with the reality presented to them.

Regarding Obama, here is a must watch video about some pretty wild claims (likely true) about his days as Senator.

Skip to 2:06 in the video

Obama purchased cocaine, smoked some, among other actions that are incompatible with his public persona...


And these are the politicians the powers that be pick to pose as their stooge-in-chief (think Bush Jr. not much better eh?)

This lady epitomizes the brainwashed masses:


Keep interviewing these people Adam. We'll wake them up one at a freakin time if we have to...

in my opinion, this is a collection of people who want to register a contest audition, not to campaign in choosing a presidential candidate. for a campaign is a speech delivered and responded by campaign followers, question and answer arise between the candidate and the owner of the vote. with you @adamkokesh campaign which is very annoying

If I were to be interviewed on the subject of democracy in politics, I would have to say Adam Kokesh is the biggest influence I have had, (beginning in January), in learning it is BY FAR the most dangerous means of attaining a government structure, representatives and magistrates, ever conceived. Every vid he posts interviewing liberals and conservatives causes me to tremble! His stuff is more impressive than Mark Dice because Adam is interviewing informed DIE HARDS... not just your average, unread, simps on the street.

Without getting into the fray of "minarcho vs anarcho" debate which Adam rightly steers back to the states (as nations) and then down to county levels, if we are to have local governance, henceforth, I am calling for a lottery system to select these people... just like we do juries. That might at least "take the politics out of politics"... and the money-factor, as well. (especially a problem in a land where counterfeit currency reigns).

Wake up libertarians. How much more evidence do you need to prove we need to build our own towns, villages, cities, counties and communities, in general? Only a small percentage will be persuaded enough by Adam's "Freedom!" book. Face it. But a small percentage can be devastating if we follow a plan.
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