Adam gets pied in the middle of the interview

in politics •  6 months ago

Adam joins the Degree 45 podcast and gets pied during the interview while at the Uncovention in Nebraska.

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You are proving to people that anarchists are not the kind of individuals that the fakestream media says we are, thanks Adam! You will help us spread libertarianism, minarchism, voluntaryism and anarcho capitalism! I believe that in south america these ideas have a lot of potential here as governments are so corrupt in most places that it almost looks like they are nonexistent, so people know that we can live without governments (We have tribes here and basically drug fields...). I am glad to see this happening mate, I am glad to see you running for non president! :D

THANK YOU ADAM 1;19:00 is the point NO ONE understands.

Haha nice! Nothing beats the old pie in the face! lol

taken like a man, awesome! if politicians would take themselves less seriously, they'd achieve enlightenment. and stop being trained parrots for lobbyists.

Hey pie is pretty tasty and at least you didn't have to dodge someone's dirty shoes George W. style lol.

Wow, dissolving government to the local level and be the custodian of the American people when the constitution has been declared valid. People in Texas shouldn't be making laws for people in California. I wish i had the bandwidth to watch the whole video.
Your definition of Freedom is the most realistic, no one has the right to dictate for another person or enforce one to do things that isn't his/her will. No one has the right to punch me.

This is the sole reason you are the best man for the job. Check what I wrote about you

that was good interview on politics....

More hilarious then the pie was when you said you didn't know how many people were in the room you gave your presentation in because they usually are running out of the room when your are done...that was soooo funny. Really shows what a gag you are having with all this. Turning the white house into a museum...what a hoot. This video though instilled my faith back into this generation of your peers that not all have been lost.

Private communities need to take the responsibility of defending their property borders. When people take responsibility for their own borders, the defence of the borders will become stronger. When you ask government to defend borders, they open them and let everyone in, Trump an exception.

Bahahahaha that's gold.

Atleast we know you can eat humble pie!

About the question of abortion: apparently for a while the fetus is a collection of cells without consciousness, and consciousness develops after a while. So can it be murder if it is not a sentient being yet? Also the people who are so vehemently against abortion, usually don't consider that unwanted babies usually end up in care homes. Where they are often neglected, or abused, taken advantage of, and often suffering from depression later in their lives. So, people against abortion, do you really care about those children who are born and living in those awful facilities? Or do you only care about them having to be born, and then who cares? And also, who has the right to interfere with what a woman wants to do about what's happening in her own body? Our bodies are our own in the first place. That said, abortion is a horrible and sad thing to do. But it is not all black and white, there are a lot of factors to consider, and it is a personal decision more than anything else.

WTF ? Why do you want to abolish the Constitution you filthy commie ?? Just get rid of the statist parts.

@adamkokesh nice and ocm video