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NOTE: If you dont want to bother youself with reading my post, scroll down to have a peek at this disturbing video.

What we are seeing happening is the Death of Europe as we know it. One world government is set to destroy Europe, its culture, its heritage, its people.

Under the pretense of helping poor refeguees, they are changing Europe`s demographics by accommodating #rapefugees accros the continent, by giving them money and full freedom to do whatever the want to. And they choose to steel,rob, rape and kill us. Do not fall for a false narrative of poor women and children in need, the story is just there to sell us some cheesy emotions.
They are trying to make us feel guilty if we do not accept these savages. People are being brainwashed by the liberal media into believing they are guilty for living in a civilised society and that they somehow owe their freedom,their part of land,their decent living to those destroyers , the #rapefugees. And the most saddest part of it all, is that a large number of our fellow Europians are more than willing to obey, thinking that by accepting #rapefugees with no question will make them superhumane.

For now, only Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic are refusing to give in, Merkel`s blackmail is not working there and we can only hope that their "freedom virus" will spread to the rest of the Europian country. My country is right next to Hungary and what we are experiecing now is the same routine that EU was successfully promoting to Scandinavian countriess for years now.The rapefugees were brought to our country, placed into #refugees centars for a while and then moved across the country to their new homes. The small precantage of all muslims are children and they are being enrolled in schools. All of that is happening while more and more of our locals are rasing their voices and pleeding to the police to stop the muslim terror which #rapefugees are causing. Our corrupted government is saying that muslims are not here to stay ,that their main goal is reaching Germany or some other western Europian country, but are we to believe that this chaos is just temporary ? Of course not !

Serbia is more than familiar with how "friendly" Islam is. Through out the history and hunderds of years Serbia was a constant target of Ottoman empire and in the recent history, southern part of our country, Kosovo was taken from us , partly by violent demographic change ( muslims are breeding rapidly and they dont mind living in utter poverty ,but they will have 6,7,8...10 children no matter what ) and partly by the help of EU and Clinton`s America.

My only hope is that more and more people will wake up, by reading posts like this one or hundreds of others, by listening to their friends, families, people and not fake news on TV . If people do not rise up against this terror and protect their own land, woman and children we will have no future.

THE PURPOSE of this text is not to offend anyone, but to name things as they really are and if that offends anyone, so be it. Secondly, if any of you already know the Truth please consider sharing this or any other post , for the sake of Your family and friends. And last, but not least , before finding any mistakes in my writing skills, know that english is that my mother tongue so tolerance will be appreciated.


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@adam.dina first I want to say thank you for using @echowhale the amount you sent made you eligible for an @echowhale team upvote, additionally i want to say i wasnt aware of these types of issues, perhaps that makes me ignorant but I wouldnt have even seen this video had you of not posted it.


Thank you for the kind words, and yes..that was the purpose of my post , for more people to see and know whats been happening . Im glad if just one person sees this and maybe pass it to another...the media doesnt show us the truth and im actually scared because the massive amount of people does not realise this and there for will not do anything about it