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RE: [정치蟲:방송] 내 관점 종북 간첩 김제동 아침방송, [politicBug:Radio] in-my-view North-spy-red JeDongKim Morning Radio

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Sir @steamsteem,

There are many people like JeDongKim. They can't do a little good for us. Then they start cunning game like this. They just want fame. They don't think about the people or country.
You are so brave and thoughtful that you have raise your voice against this system. Really sir, If everyone would be like you, we could have a better world sir. Go on. Best of luck. Always raise your voice against the corruption. These types of people pollutes our political system. They must be brought to the book as soon as possible sir.


I agree and can accept that different people have different point of view.
I respect other people's political viewpoints.

But I cannot accept that other people be a leader to suppress my liberty and harm my life.
I will desperately oppose to those people.

Ow! now i got it sir! Liberty is our own. These types of people is our leader! the person who has lust for fame how he could be a leader!

This JeDongKim is just an apparent commedian propagating north-spyish notion.

But the leader I mean is the current SouthKorea President JaeInMoon who seems to be a north-spy-communist in my viewpoint.

He seems to pursue Vietnam-style Korea unification which he wrote in his autograph as having felt ultimate happiness when he heard the news, contrary to German-style Korea unification where liberal-democratic South absorb 3-generation-suppressing Communist North system.

you cleared the matter sir