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Chhatra League general secretary Arif Hossain

in politics •  10 months ago

Narayanpur union Chhatra League general secretary Arif Hossain Howlader talent has been obstructed knowing that I was interrupted. The nation was deprived of getting another "Century Manik". Arif Hossain had the possibility that he was taking a break from the crease after breaking the crease, the timing was also excellent, after scoring sixes with a homemade housewife, boundary with the college girl. After breaking six sixes and six sixes, Arif became angry at the timing.

There was no doubt about the force of Bangabandhu's soldier's' spirit. They are always unique in this regard. Every day newspapers open the news of the exchange of consciousness of these soldiers. The whole Bangladesh is going to batting on their batting crease whenever they want. Sometimes the female players of their team have been acknowledged for their batting.


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