Truth Bomb Just Exploded But Is Anyone Listening - Episode 1377b

in political •  10 months ago

It seem the Government officials are pushing Universal Healthcare. US threatens to cut off the SWIFT payment system from China. South Korea says it detects xenon gas in NK. It is now being reported that NK might have hacked bitcoin to use it to get around the dollar sanctions.

Another truth bomb, the Pentagon was running a black market weapons ring to supply the paid mercenaries in Iraq and Syria. Russia closes the backdoor on the CIA and ends the spying ring. This is why the FBI wants companies to drop Kaspersky and go with another vendor. Putin warns that he is closing all the software back doors.

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I saved the Bill Holter interview for last.

The political situation around the globe is pretty tense right now, huh?

Pretty nice and informative content!

Interesting times indeed.
Not sure where Dave gets all his reports from but one thing is for sure and that is currency wars.
As the old saying he who owns the gold rules.
China has been trading in their fiat currency for gold, the next thing that no one seems to talk about is silver.
They are going to come up with some type of world currency, it's just prophecy and it will happen.
Gold and Silver will be what a nations wealth will be determined by and their GDP.
America , get off your ass and get back to work.
Either become and industrial nation once again or be servants for the rest of your lives.
Another great post Dave!

Kaspersky ... might try that ... upvoted