The US Issues A Travel Warning For This Holiday Season - Episode 1428b

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US begins to push the agenda to stop other news sources from reporting the news, this is another step in trying to block the truth. Zimbabwe coup is underway but it looks like the government is still intact. Russia vetoes the UN resolution on chemical weapons and writes their own. The US issues a travel warning for Europe this holiday season.


Crazy how things have heated up. everybody stay safe out there this christmas

i support x22 report... keep going Dave.

Wow .. Nice Intro Graphics! Few, so glad you opened with "Hi and welcome..." (common saying in my home)..

My Internet went down today (probably more spy equipment being installed). I was really brainstorming. We need the WW-DRT/Batman routers in our neighborhoods asap..

We need the WW-DRT/Batman routers in our neighborhoods asap

Hoarding some CAT-5 cable and learning how to crimp the wire would be smart move also.

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