The Petrodollar Doomsday Clock Just Ticked Closer To Midnight - Episode 1378b

in political •  9 months ago

Corporate media put out a report that Trump agreed to help the dreamers, the problem is that he denies the report. US agrees with Russia on a peace keeping force in Ukraine.

US sanctions on NK will not work because there is really no goal to the sanctions. Venezuela has just taken the next step and they will now sell their oil bypassing the dollar. The petrodollar doomsday clock just moved closer to midnight. Iraq parliament turns down the Kurd referendum and remove the Pro-Kurd governor. Russia deploys the Mig 29 in Syria. The IS says they will fight until the death, there will be no evacuation

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There is a lot of movement in Cryptocurrencies.

Death to the Rothschild Zionist Bank


That's why I'm supporting only decentralized cryptocurrencyies, to get rid of banks control wealth.


There's another option you can support...
The Common Coinage of the United States...

... $7.77 ... ... 1 Vote ... ... Reset

Seriously it's getting complicated piece is an imaginable thing .

Will this really end soon? It is hard to take this misery any longer!

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