The Great Rotation Has Begun, Countries Now Moving Towards China & Russia - Episode 1373b

in political •  9 months ago

Showdown in Spain, Catalonia pushes to have referendum and Spain is trying to block it. The King Of Saudi Arabia is not visiting Russia for the very first time. Countries are now turning towards Russia and China and are joining the Belt and Road.

Jimmy Carter says that NK wants peace not war. North Korea supports economic ties with Russia and China. South Korea is ready to sign trade agreements with Russia and China. US forces evacuate IS leaders in Deir Ezor.

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Thanks Dave, for keeping us up informed on whats going on.

the US dollar will not go extinct ... it will just be like the pound sterling after the British empire collapse .... the pound sterling was the reserve currency when the British empire was the ruling state of the world ... after the British empire collapse the pound sterling no longer the reserve currency but it is still circulating today ... so that is what I see will happen to the US dollar ... another currency will take over the US dollar and becomes the reserve currency but the US dollar will still circulate after that ... upvoted


I figure we'll keep our Reserve Currency Status, but it won't be with Federal Reserve Notes...
It will be with a New (Debt Free) U.S. Dollar backed by Common U.S. Coinage... I have more information posted about my Pocket Change Theory...

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