The Event Is Moving Forward, Is The Cabal Ready To Pull The Trigger - Episode 1422b

in political •  11 months ago

Podesta groups CEO has resigned, not a good sign. US imposes sanctions on 10 individuals in Venezuela. Duterte meets Putin thanks him for helping with the IS in his country. White House denies reports that they are providing Ukraine with weapons. Deep state was trying to make sure that Putin and Trump did not meet, but they met despite the pressure not to meet. The Cabal is setting the stage for push war with Iran, this will most likely not happen. Tillerson speaks out and tries to calm down the Iran war propaganda. US and Russia trying to make a deal in Syria. The Cabal is pushing every agenda, time is running out.

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Thanks again, Dave. Get Karl Denninger, on the Spotlight.

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Sure. As typical, the Cabal wants war. However, times have changed from when they could get the wars they wanted, any time they wanted it, with whomever they wanted it.

The internet has opened peoples' minds, allows people to see beauty and value in other nationalities, and places in the world. It is too hard for the Cabal to get the populations to want war, when they can talk to and see people in the so-called "problem country".

It is so good to see President Trump and President Putin shaking hands. Despite the Cabal, they found a way to make it happen, and send a strong message to the rest of the world.

There is common ground. They see the future of commerce and collaboration, making the world a better place.

As such, I want to see Ukraine return to Russia, President Assad stay in power in Syria, and the Iran agreement stay in place.

President Trump is going to need President Putin's help with Saudi Arabia, as Russia's intervention calmed the discord in Ukraine, Syria, and Iran. In exchange, I would like to see President Trump open more markets to and from Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and Cuba too, by the way. "Finding more ways to do business" is the catch-phrase of the day!

Thanks for the alert. Your post was short and directly to the point, as news should be. I upvote you.