Russia & China Are Now Teaming Up To Counter The Deep State - Episode 1351b

in political •  11 months ago

Rand Paul is speaking out against civil asset forfeiture and how it violates the foundation of the constitution Michael Savage wants to know if we are on the verge of a civil breakdown. Why is Prince Harry invited to Google's secret meeting. Maduro stopped a coup d'etat in his country, he reports that the US funded it.

The deep state who controls the new organization not just in this country but in many have been pushing the NK threat. Tillerson and Lavrov met and they are pushing to work together to calm the situation down. Rybakov says the US is not ready for talks, its not NK that is the problem. Russia wants a working relationship with Libya.

The US is threatening Russia because they understand that Russia and China are unwinding the empire building that has taken place in the middle east. Russia and China are now countering the deep state.

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This is the BRICS bank in action. Most of the worlds so called problems are punishments for having created this joint venture . The status quo does not want competition .

Thanks Dave. History has shown us there is nothing more dangerous than a bankrupt government and it looks like USSA is heading down this path.

Thank You Dave, great report,

The Deep State will take us to war.


This kind of comment will take us to war.


The Deep State is reading my comments?

I never thought I would side with Russia or China against the actions of the US government. But we were taken over long ago and our nation has been played.

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