It's Time For The People To Take Control And Remove The Elite - Episode 1307b

in political •  10 months ago

The deep state is reaching for anything now to get Trump, it is all failing. The White House is ready to reorganize departments and remove many of the people in government.

The deep states plan is to merge Europe into one, this is part of the one world plan. Qatar signs deal to purchase f-15 fighters. US Senate places sanctions on Russia, the vote was cast and it does not allow Trump to veto the bill. Tillerson makes it clear that sanctions on Russia should not be tied to the Minsk deal.

Syria continually pushes the IS out of their country. The deep state brings in the HIMAR to push their agenda. The deep state is making the case that NK will hit the power grid and financial institutions with a cyber attack.

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thanks again Dave. Listening everyday

I must admit David I didn't listen to or watch your video yet I felt compelled to comment immediately. Check out the last post on my feed- I was at Simpson Field today Periscoping- this whole thing is escalating.

These deepstate pedos think they can just assassinate decent people at will.

I've waited patiently for the past 8 months to see some elite Luciferian pedos arrested but it never seems to happen- only the lower level scumbags that serve them.

The head of the snake needs removing- they wanna escalate? So be it.

Excellent post please see my latest article on how Rothschild bankers and Israel Intelligence control US.

Resteemed this...again great work👍

Will we ever see anyone apprehended? Will anyone ever be arrested for anything. Other than Martha Stewart for insider trading?

again another display of proper news reporting

i think its already happening
the rise of the cryptos has woken up a lot of people

Trump seems to be doing stuff over there, in the UK we are all being treated like slaves by the powers that were. We are supposed to do what we are told. But we are beginning to wake up. We the people have the power and we have to stop thinking that politicians are going to sort things out. Its up to us!
Check out my latest video Blog. Thanks.

Very informative, thank you.

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