Day 2 - What one issue will you tackle in your life?

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One thing I’ve seen, and not disrespecting or undermining this, but when individual’s tackle/undertake/work on a particular issue in life or the lives’ of others, generally that will be their focus for the majority, if not all of their life/however long they can continue to participate in that. A lot of people for example focus on rights for the LGBT community and protesting etc, and then another individual or group will fight for animal rights in the form of veganism, and so on.

I suppose that is the subject that one is most passionate about, so all energy/commitment will go to that and working on changing that in society, but that is what I see does not benefit, because there are many, many, MANY more issues, there are in fact multiple, no, hundreds even..of issues that exist in society, the world, human’s etc. So, maybe so, dedicating your life to changing or attempting to change a singular subject may be beneficial, or somewhat, but I see it as not nearly enough.

I don’t see one particular subject/issue that requires more change than another, in many dimensions and ways, they can all relate in fact and all contribute to the worst of us.

That is why I choose to focus on the source point as the mind that requires CHANGE. Because you change the source point in how we see, how we think, how we judge, how we speak, how we move, how we react, how we help, how we assist, how we support, and ALL OF THESE subjects/issues will change and improve just. like. that.

When you look at this, it is a simple thing in fact. If the starting point/source/mind is pure, then no impure/not beneficial outflows will come to be.

And thus..I’d recommend to do the same, to take it from the top, the start, the SOURCE, because there is nothing that is further back than the source, the origin, the starting point - that is how, why, where, when, what…as all that we do in life, every action we take, every word we speak, every reaction we have, every judgement we make, every fear we participate in, every emotion/feeling we go through, every…everything!

In a way, it sounds too easy, that we can just change the starting point and everything else will simply work. It is easy in a way, I mean, the general workings of it and what to do are easy, but the surprising part that I found, was the difficulty involved in changing my starting point/source, because an unbelievable amount of patterns, programs as my misguided/mislead and yes, impure starting point/source as my mind in fact existed.

And a large part of that also that I found in my life and I’m sure other’s will find/believe, is that I was already pure mostly, or kind mostly, if not ENTIRELY. But that was so easy to change when I literally wrote my first self-forgiveness statement as seeing the depths within myself and what I’ve come to be and exist as in my life.

So, I’d also say to STOP thinking you are PERFECT or NEAR-PERFECT. I am sure you’ll be surprised to see that you are not so perfect, and in fact the total opposite of anything akin to perfection.

And I do say this based on my own experience, because I thought, and actually specifically, I LIKED to think I was perfect in many ways, for me, mainly I liked to think I was one of the kindest people ever, one of the best listener’s, and at times, other attributes that would come and go that I liked to think I was, but I was 100% WRONG, and gladly so, because I was unable to uncover sooooo many things that I did not realise I was, so many patterns/programs/behaviours/outflows, and I have and will still continue to change them.

This process has not just been eye opening, it is more akin to LIFE opening. I have seen sides to me that I did not know existed, and sides to me that I allowed to be dormant, that I have now awakened.


Cheers Anothony!

self-investigation is the step by step process play here.


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