Why I am CONFIDENT that FACEBOOK will FAIL HARD over the next years - The Reality of autonomous censorship will work to our advantage!

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As an adult, I have always hated hand holding and automatic censorship. When you no longer can post about "what is on your mind", then you know it is time to put in second and third gear and drive the hell away from there as quick as possible.

Also, when I am with my friends on facebook - none of us has ever asked for moderation, to have someone sitting in our conversations dictating what we should and should not talk about.

This is what real censorship looks like, and on the INTERNET, this is the exact behaviour that turn people away. Thank you Mark Sucker Berg for making it so very easy for us to succeed with STEEM & GOLOS as your dying facebook is losing relevance in the new world.

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As an artist whos wasted almost 1.5 years building my business page with almost 1100 followers Its really disappointing posting my work and having the shitty algorithms hid my artwork and it get seen by maybe 10% of my followers..

I'm so glad I found steemit last month


Those algorithms have made Facebook very boring for me. I spend little time there nowadays. I truly believe it will die away, because all my Facebook friends are getting bored with FB and with each other. We post pics of family, food, and vacations; we make inane comments; we pass around memes and alerts about lost children and homeless pets. It's getting annoying and tiresome. I wanted to find creative content, interesting people, and meaningful ideas. But Facebook wanted to shape my opinions. So Steemit wins.


I am prowode of my steemit thanks for everyone.


Yes the algorithm is mostly pay for your add thing. As an artist I fell you man!

i joined steemit.com in november 2016 . There is no comparison between shitty fb and steemit. Steemit is the love .
Its a great man .liked your work
@frlyrstikken ☺☺😂😂


incredible!! lol you cpied my comment!! hahahaha wow

The auto censorship annoys me as well although I see the death of facebook coming earlier due to the outdated user interface and the fact that it isn't what's cool anymore. Instagram does the BS censorship as well. Even YouTube, what was once a free platform is doing it

oh man when I joined steemit.com I was so relieved and angry at the same time...can't believe 10 years in the gutter with fb while they sucked me off in money, time and even mental health...the last 5 years I started to unlike it...oh you wanna hear why they did not implement the "unlike" button....hahahaha...remember that hype...they would be the first ones to be unliked, that's why...they don't understand how Life runs...when Sucker big burger refused to sell out to the big boys I thought he was up to something good or at least we would see a change...but then I don't blame it on him, I think he tried to give "free" money, remember that?..."they" shut him off quick...I think now he doesn't care even if it goes to the gutter I mean you will need sometimes to move 3 billions users into something new.
"los casos son dos" meaning the cases can only be 2:

  • he is an idiot
  • he is an idiot

It's not only facebook, I had a blog about cryptocurrency excluded by google.


That's awful! Google's censorship is truly tyrannical.

"Elephant coin is almost all the way at the bottom, because it's so heavy"

OK, today I got censored on steemspeak for explaining why taxation is theft and then kicked out, will you tell me if it was you who did this and/or if this place is only for statists and not anarchists/anarcho capitalists?

True, the current authority of censorship will play a big role of collapse of Facebook and other such controlled media..

steemit is getting better day by day


Marksukerbergs tieing up with litecoin.
Any true?


yes lol

The more people that leave FB, the more Steem's value will increase. It will be glorious. 2018 will be an interesting year for sure! Resteemed so more people will see this and see FB fascist ways


hahaha...."facebook fascist ways indeed"

I cant just get enough of steemit, since i joined 2 days ago, i have not logged on to FB which is typically unlike me.
This goes without saying indeed that FB is going down 👇
Lol... Following 😊

History tells us that Facebook it is not too good to fail, even though, there has never been another project and organization like Facebook before, which got to be such an important player in people's lives. So in my opinion Facebook can fails someday.

Agreed, I just posted a blog about FB too and why Steemit is so much better. Great minds.


may be i reasteam your post dear


I agree with my friend @simondocherty.
Actually may be steemit is very populer this season...



What will be a real hoot, is when people start writing bots to take over their old accounts on F-c-book. Then, it will be a ton of bots talking to each other. And seemingly, although there are no human eyes, and no sales from any of the ads, F-c-book will seem to carry on as if nothing happened.

100% agreed with you @fyrstikken,

I more added that Facebook already failed, because me any my many friends already left Facebook, when we joined STEEMIT. before joining Steemit we spoiled our much more precious time on FB, and now we hate Facebook and enjoyed much on Steemit.

"We have Proud to be a Steemians."

Thanks a lot for your always positive support and guideline.

Stay Blessed.

Facebook is for liberals. If you post anything that will hurt them they block you.

steemit is better than any platform, steemit is getting better day by day and it will never stop..

Big ups to steemit and everyone 🔥🔥

I agree with you..I think steemit is the best ..I realize this ..Thanks for sharing your valuable content ..Best of luck ..I appreciate to your post...

This is the abstracle on freedom. I am also belive on this. Speak what is on your mind.

Facebook haven't bot like steemit 's cheetah & steem cleanner . That is full of dirty in facebook.

that is a genuine point and I as of now deactivated my Facebook account two weeks back and iam all in steemit now since when steemit achieved the aggregate client base like Facebook then I don't surmise that some other online networking will ready to rival steemit in any way and we additionally get the opportunity of composing dislike fb and other huge web-based social networking

jeg er enig med deg! 😎

@fyrstikken Although I'm new to Steem. There really is a lot to learn from your post. I at least try to read your post. I do get support from Steam from you. Thank you my friend.

I agree with you boss.i think steemit is the best way for us.great news thanks for sharing bro,always follow and upvote you

I am also agree with you
steemit is really a source monster and informative.
i am pleased my friend!

That is so much right .. facebook is on verge of extension as now a days the trending topics all over the globe are cryptocurriencies and steemit is a source to earn a cryptocurriency called as steem and steem dollar. I myself was a chronic facebook user and now me and my friends dont loginto facebook for months and we do constantly keep surfing steemit .
Steeming is the real and good investment of time keep steeming
@mirhimayun and @naseerbhat as we do.

I think Steemit is best and I agree with you.

I experience a lot on that automatic censorship facebook made,
I just wonder, why they do that!

it annoys me sometime,

I'm with you, @fyrstikken! I had a picture of my hand censored on Twitter lately, and I just can't take Facebook anymore. I'm sick of the stalker emails they send when you don't log in for awhile. It's over, Facebook!

Yes that's a true point and i already deactivated my Facebook account two weeks ago and iam all in steemit now because when steemit reached the total user base like Facebook then I don't think that any other social media will able to compete with steemit in any manner and we also get the freedom of writing here not like fb and other big social media :)

Agreed, I just posted a blog about FB too and why Steemit is so much better. Great minds.
great information this post..thanks for sharing sir

this post very nice..thanks for sharing this post..

Very true. I am here instead of Facebook right now. lol

Yep, facebook is going down, pretty much like any other mainstream social media... Blockchain based social media will take its place, we are indeed a couple years advanced

Nice post keep posting
Happy steemit

Nice post, Nice thoughts! Thanks for sharing your opinion about facebook. However I thing your view is quite subjective. I follow and upvote you.

Yes that's a true point and i already deactivated my Facebook account two weeks ago and iam all in steemit now because when steemit reached the total user base like Facebook then I don't think that any other social media will able to compete with steemit in any manner and we also get the freedom of writing here not like fb and other big social media :)

Agree, I no longer post on Facebook. Steemit is better, a lot of informative posts here. Thanks for sharing.

I also agree with you sir about this topic.Beacuse steemit is now most popular sit.

Upvote and resteem done.

You are very much right, now it's the time for the steemit to lead all. Steem on

I wrote a similar post. It's becoming distructive (FBIbook). Go steem go.

I heart fully agree your statement @fyrstikken.i too recently faced many security problems in Facebook.Its becoming worse day by day. Recently I found steemit as a best platform for expressing their views. Now I am referring every one to join in steemit.Now I'm loveing steemit😘😘

Seems facebook doesn't like crypto talk. That's the advantage of Steemit over Facebook, it is boundless. I'm still wondering how that post looks like spam. Just try to bring your friends over here and not worry about censorship.

great analysis..........

Facebook is becoming a joke. They talk about spam while they send me 2-3 e-mails every day about how incredible well my business page posts are doing (4-5 likes), and then ask me to pay to promote it to the followers I have already payed to get. I spent thousands of dollars to get people to like my pages, and no one can see my posts unless I pay more.

Ha, I really hope so!

Facebook is censoring and hiding work of so many others. I think the only way you can get an exposure on their site is to pay for advertisement, otherwise you're "shadow banned" as I and so many others, Press for Truth for example have been!

It's a shame that these mainstream social networks are dampening true voice outside of the propaganda machines!

I seldom go on Facebook now that I have found Steemit and if I do it is to check out what friends who are still stuck on there are doing.

I'm suggesting to those friends to create an account here on Steemit and get started!

The auto restriction bothers me also in spite of the fact that I see the demise of facebook coming prior because of the obsolete UI and the way that it isn't what's cool any longer. Instagram does the BS control too. Indeed, even YouTube, what was at one time a free stage is doing it

Mark the Cuck

I think it's way too early to declare victory over Facebook or to declare it dead. It might be a good way to fire people about steem, but it feels quite naive when you think about it.

First of all, Facebook are still huge and the steem blockchain is still a drop in the ocean compared to the userbase Facebook is working with. But more importantly, Facebook are putting in a lot of resources and knowledge into keeping their huge userbase engaged and they are already experts at it.

Seeing something new you don't like there should not be taken as a sign of failure, but a sign that they are still working hard on their product. What happened to your post is surely unpleasant for you, but you can rest assured that they'll keep doing it only if it helps then measurably boost the metrics they care about. And the main metric they care about is keeping people engaged and addicted.

The reason your post was marked as spam is probably because to many people tried to scam or down others with something like this.

The average Joe will not get this problem with their day to day Facebook life, so it's unlikely for it to play a part in their downfall. And if it starts adversely effecting the average Joe's engagement, they'll quickly get wind if it and will fix it.

It will just take a lot more than this to take down Facebook.

Additionally, if we want to be realistic about our own thing, the steem blockchain continues to lack an interface that is on par with the functionality provided by Facebook and new users have a hard time getting used to it and shine of them hate it. If we really want to disrupt Facebook, this needs to change. For now, we're only carving out a niche, not bringing down Facebook yet.

Disclaimer: I hate Facebook, I've always had, don't even have a personal account there. I realized I wanted to be on steemit as soon as I was introduced to it.

I totally agree with you.. and if people can not imagine this please look at this picture..

steemit is best !!!!!😍😍😍😍

hehe you said it looks like mark is going to be having a tough time soon and soon booster will give him upvotes which he really likes lol :D

I spend more time on Steemit instead of Facebook. I prefer Steemit to Facebook, I learn here, earn here , meet people here and have a chance to express myself and see how people view what I think. Steemit has come to stay and take over. You are right sir @fyrstikken, I haven't said this to you; Happy New Year sir. Happy Steemit year, more SBD and Steem and Steem power

As a craftsman whos squandered right around 1.5 years fabricating my business page with very nearly 1100 supporters Its extremely frustrating posting my work and having the shitty calculations shrouded my fine art and it get seen by perhaps 10% of my devotees..

I'm so happy I discovered steemit a month ago.

The problem with facebook is that is so incorporated with peoples lives now. There's a group for everything, from groups related to ones workplace, to hobbys, to the kids school and activities. And there are all kinds of different events posted on FB, with information that you can't get hold of if you're not on FB. If Steemit can incorporate this as well, it might have a chance. But it is not enough to leave it up to hashtags and tags. Can it be done?

The Internet will be crypto-fied sooner than later!

"SuckerBerg " This made my day :)

Thank you sir for sharing
You always upload nice and helpful post. and your website also so much helpful sir....
Resteem done....

I believe it's much too soon to proclaim triumph over Facebook or to announce it dead. It may be a decent method to flame individuals about steem, however it feels very gullible when you consider it.

As a matter of first importance, Facebook are as yet tremendous and the steem blockchain is as yet a drop in the sea contrasted with the userbase Facebook is working with. In any case, more critically, Facebook are putting in a ton of assets and learning into keeping their enormous userbase connected with and they are as of now specialists at it.

Seeing something new you don't care for there ought not be taken as an indication of disappointment, but rather a sign that they are as yet buckling down on their item. The end result for your post is most likely unpalatable for you, yet you can rest guaranteed that they'll continue doing it just on the off chance that it helps at that point quantifiably support the measurements they think about. Also, the primary metric they think about is keeping individuals drew in and dependent.

The reason your post was set apart as spam is presumably in light of the fact that to many individuals attempted to trick or down others with something like this.

The regular person won't get this issue with their everyday Facebook life, so it's impossible for it to have an influence in their defeat. What's more, on the off chance that it begins unfavorably affecting the regular person's engagement, they'll rapidly get wind in the event that it and will settle it.

It will simply take significantly more than this to bring down Facebook.

Also, on the off chance that we need to be sensible about our own thing, the steem blockchain keeps on without an interface that is comparable to the usefulness gave by Facebook and new clients experience considerable difficulties getting accustomed to it and sparkle of them detest it. On the off chance that we truly need to disturb Facebook, this needs to change. For the present, we're just cutting out a specialty, not cutting down Facebook yet.

Disclaimer: I loathe Facebook, I've generally had, don't have an individual record there. I understood I needed to be on steemit when I was acquainted with it.✌✌✌✌✌

very good point, I stopped using facebook quite a while ago, but it was basicly because of tons of stupid game invitations and "look at me" posts. thats why I like steemit because its different.

Already deleted Facebook and Twitter from my mobile and thinking of permanently delete these accounts. Hail Steemit!

I absolutely agree. While I still frequent Facebook because I freelance, it's demise will be a happy day for me.

Facebook had the power to connect the world and they broke records. It was interesting to be able to find pretty much everyone from every era of your life Liking and Poking away.

I stupidly friended a whole slew of them to find that there is a reason people enter and exit your life. Then I jumped on the purge bandwagon unfriending dozens of people a few times a year.

What was the point?

I willingly created a detailed dossier of my life, who I am, and what's important to me hosted on the servers of some clown named Mark who prances around in gray shirts telling me how dedicated he is to connecting people. *barf

Facebook is the dumbest thing I've ever done online.

Steemit has its problems, but it is sheer perfection compared to Facebook.

Good post, @fyrstikken

I think its just more likely to be replaced by the next new thing, similar to what happened with Myspace,hi5 and alike.

Facebook may only survive as a tool for STEEM promotion...:)

Great read! Very informative..

Facebook CEO Zberg actually just commented on Steemit indirectly, did you see that? We think he's getting scared, and it's justified...


and since no one else seems to be asking, what exactly is GOLOS? The article acts like we know what this is?

Well guys, even though I'm passionate about Steemit and it's future i don't think Facebook will lose folloers any time soon, too many superfluous people in the world and they are very happy spreading gossips and unuseful information.

I am clearly seeing that facebook and that sort off websites/apps will broke down soon because of no good interface no good users policy and outdated systems. That is why i hate them and support steemit because it has alot for its users and it is a source of pure information, clear and trustworthy activity content, basically auto censorship annoys me very much.
On the other point of i have alot of follower on fb pages that are of no use due to fb policies thumbs down for them

Actually steemit is every thing now
Wish him a good future
By the way u have made extra ordibary post thsnks man

Since November, when I joined Steemit, I use only a few minutes/day facebook
Long live STEEMit
cheers @fyrstikken

may be i reasteam your post sir

It's not only Facebook, I had a blog about concurrency excluded by world.
Upvote & resteem buddy.

If Facebook couples rumors of integrating cryptocurrency with censorship they will fail big time.

I wait for your blog my friend. I think your every blog i like this..Thanks for sharing..Resteemit....

Steemit is taking over all the social medias so they watch out for steemit here we come

How long until its collapse is the real question? lol also what should I do with my 1.1k followers on my art page on FB?

Hi @fyrstikken

@booster not upvote my post ===>

Post: https://steemit.com/dmania/@memez/you-and-fitness-zg1hbmlh-fpz4o
Bid: 0.350 SBD
Status: No upvote

How to solve this problem?

It's time that Rockefeller's live the scene! I'm not a big fan of Facebook anyway and am happy to hear that the trend is turning the other way. Well, the banks are the second thing I'm not crazy enthusiastic about. Yes, Steemit is a way to go and independent media can finally start to thrive!