@adamkokesh hey do you and your people have any plans/events to come to northwest indiana/chicago in the near future?

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The child must be protected😓. point

Time to go and speak out the freedom that brought America to a better direction
My president @adamkokesh please check in my bloq
I have called you a motivator and invited people to support you for the 2020 president

I will sleep comfortably after kokesh win against their rotten politics.

upvote and resteem.

That's it? going to rake in a few hundred bucks over a meme? Is that fair to everyone else struggling to make it on here? We get pennies while your able to take advantage of posting one pick without even so much as a paragraph depicting your feelings on the subject of breaking the glass ceiling via using the floor?

@sunlit7, i dont know why you are so salty... he put in work. There are plenty of people on here that you should focus on that are abusing the system. if people upvoted it that's their right. if you don't like it flag it or keep scrolling... just saying... not hating... just saying..